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May 26th, 2003

House Hunters

The other day, I happened upon a show on HGTV called House Hunters. The entire premise of the show is: you watch a couple look for a house. You see the houses, you see the couple, you see part of the process (but from what I’ve heard about homebuying, not much).

And then I realized, “What is television doing to me?”

It was somewhat interesting to see the houses – particularly one that was entirely created in the 1970s, and looked Bradyesque. But other than that, I found nothing interesting. Ho hum, they’re signing papers. Oh, they don’t like the patio. Know what? I don’t care.

Bitter? Sure, because I think The Puppy Channel is a far better idea, and it’s still not a network.

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FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday May 26, 2003 -- 9:27:28 am
I've watched that show a couple of times. They never mention the price of the house. Its public info - it should be a requirement of the idoits on the show. If I'm gonna watch a show about house buying, what I really want to know is how much did those idiots overpay for the Brady Buch era house wirh Orange Shag carpet.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday May 26, 2003 -- 9:40:05 am
How does this pass as entertainment? Will America really watch anything?

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday May 26, 2003 -- 10:22:07 am
The only way this show would be remotely interesting is if they showed the actual negotiations, bidding, pricing, etc...THAT'S the real part all first time homebuyers want to see.

Without it, they should rename the show either "Window Shopping" or "Wishful Thinking".

FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday May 26, 2003 -- 1:22:39 pm
I think I've seen it 3 or 4 times - one was a guy living in an apartment above the garage of his dads house - on Malibu beach. When I say "on" I mean, if he spit out his window he would hit a bikini clad chick on roller skates, and he could throw a baseball into the ocean from his house.

And he wants to move why? The guy should be talking his dad into mocing into a home or something, so he can have the house.

FROM: jk
DATE: Monday May 26, 2003 -- 4:48:38 pm
OK, I have seen the show a few too many times. After they see the "first" house, the realtor asks them what they think....I think they should say "Well, I couldn't possibly take this house because I know I will like the third one." I believe that AFTER their offer is accepted, they go back and re-shoot the chosen house so they can sound extra convincing. "I love it! And I've only seen the foyer!"

Guys--what's with the Raven comment? Raven does not live at the Ping.

FROM: Tina
DATE: Monday May 26, 2003 -- 11:26:31 pm
"The Puppy Channel on TV is just "puppies, puppies, puppies," accompanied by little more than relaxing, instrumental music. Nobody talks at you. In fact, you rarely see people, other than an occasional visit by a little child, or a heartwarming visit to a senior citizen."

If you substitute the word "hot naked people" (to appeal to EVERYONE) for the word "puppies" in this "The Puppy Channel" description paragraph, then this channel would definitely be "must see TV".

FROM: Tina
DATE: Monday May 26, 2003 -- 11:29:24 pm
In fact, that "hot naked people channel" idea is copywritten already by this guy I used to watch on the San Franciso local cable. It's this 30-ish nutbag who wears a viking helmet and plays old 60's porn behind him while taking viewers' phone calls - all with a chirpy alt-rock-slash-lo-fi background music. Can't beat that with a stick, people! :)

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