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June 6th, 2003

Sammy Sosa Did What Now?

I live in Chicago, as you may know, and I will tell you that the only story that has been on the news this week – the lead story – has been that Sammy Sosa corked his bat.

The coverage is amazing. There are stories suggesting that Sosa not be suspended at all, even though other bat-corkers were. There are stories telling us how to cork bats. Stories with physics professors telling us why corked bats work better (or could work better, in theory). Stories stating that Sosa is still the best; some suggesting he is the worst.

But by far I’ve enjoyed the catch phrases the most. In addition to “Say it ain’t Sosa”, which Jon Stewart lampooned on The Daily Show yesterday, my favorite is “Cork Gate”. Please, can we stop throwing the suffix “-gate” behind anything that happens? It’s stupid. Stupid. Watergate, okay. Maybe even Whitewatergate, since it has “Watergate” in it. But Cork Gate? Sheesh. They didn’t even spell it correctly.

Yes, I am a White Sox fan. Yes, I think Sosa should be suspended. Yes, I wish the story would go away.

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