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June 5th, 2003

Have you seen the ad…

… with three-and-a-half year old Mark Walker shooting baskets? He has a regulation basketball and what looks to be an eight foot net, and he’s sinking shots like Michael Jordan. Eighteen of them in a row.

Walker, who doesn’t need a booster seat to shoot hoops, is already getting paid by Reebok in the form of a college trust fund. I wouldn’t be surprised if college scouts were already checking him out for a spot on the team… once he’s toilet trained, of course.

You can check out some of the videos on Reebok’s Mark Walker site.

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francesca May 7, 2008, 9:11 am

for me disgusting is that in sport there is an age limit did you know sport is life sport is not a job; it’s funny I wish i had a contract with nike or reebok at 3!!!!!!

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