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June 29th, 2003


Did you realize that Arnold Schwartzenegger is 55?! Say what you will about old Arnie, but there aren’t many folks at that age (or any other age, really) that can pull off what he does… he’s gotta be one of the oldest stars to ever star in an action movie (T3).

Demi Moore is in equally impressive shape for her age (40), but she’s “had some work,” as they say in the biz.

Are there any other stars playing physically demanding roles well beyond their 30s?

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FROM: zigfried
DATE: Sunday June 29, 2003 -- 12:32:15 pm
I'd say hillary clinton playing the role of a caring senator from new york has got to be physically demanding.

btw, it must be nice to take a few weeks off from those "tough" senator duties to go flying around the country on the taxpayer's dime signing a book someone else wrote.

but heck, you new yorkers voted for her, now you're stuck with her. muahahahahaha!

btw part II, how's hillary coming with those 200,000 jobs she promised for ny? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Sunday June 29, 2003 -- 12:43:34 pm

FROM: dave
DATE: Sunday June 29, 2003 -- 1:45:30 pm
non sequiter and nonsensical!

if i was feeling the least bit political today i'd deflate you like the bush economy.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday June 29, 2003 -- 4:00:15 pm
Charleton Heston was in his late 40s when he starred in The Omega Man. In addition to his fighting action, he gets involved in some interracial "action," which surprised the heck out of me (in a good way).

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday June 29, 2003 -- 8:23:16 pm
I just saw "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle", and let me say..Demi Moore has had more than "some work"..she got the complete overhaul.

That said, I'm really not complaining. ;-)

FROM: Aron [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday June 30, 2003 -- 2:09:44 am
Sure, bunches, surf through the IMDB and they are not hard to find. For example,Harrison Ford's made numerous action movies in the 1990s after the age of 50. Sean Connery is over 70 and LXG is coming out this summer.
A classic example is Kirk Douglas showing off his 61 year old physique in Saturn 3.


FROM: towinlovinit
DATE: Monday June 30, 2003 -- 12:58:31 pm
Mel Gibson.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday June 30, 2003 -- 9:50:50 pm
For example,Harrison Ford's made numerous action movies in the 1990s after the age of 50.

This includes the cinematic abortion Air Force One, which was the first movie to instill me with such hatred that I wanted to massacre the rest of the audience for not booing it.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday June 30, 2003 -- 10:55:22 pm
Funny thing is: Air Force 1 was ok in my book, but what the hell was Harrison thinking when he starred with Anne Heche in 6 Days, 7 Nights?! I'd watch AF1 a hundred times before being dragged into that black hole of a B-Movie.

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