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July 24th, 2003

We’re Always Out Of…

In your house, what is the one thing that you seem to be always out of?

For me, it’s twist ties. I almost always need one (garbage bags, mostly – I am a knot-tying wimp) and we never, ever have one. Guess I need these.

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FROM: Matt
DATE: Thursday July 24, 2003 -- 12:02:42 am

FROM: Kate
DATE: Thursday July 24, 2003 -- 1:27:10 am
Pop (or as some would put it, soda).

FROM: Cristin
DATE: Thursday July 24, 2003 -- 1:28:16 am
toilet paper, definately...i mean, where does all of it go? know what i mean.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday July 24, 2003 -- 9:10:12 am
It seems like I'm always out of milk. I don't know where it's all going, but whenever I feel the need for Golden Grahams, it never fails.

I would have said VCR tapes, but since I picked up my TV Card and started recording them on my hard drive, I don't think I've touched the VCR. Back in the day, though, you'd always here my saying "Don't we have any blank tapes? I'm not taping over my collection of You Can't Do That On Television!"

FROM: Chris
DATE: Thursday July 24, 2003 -- 9:22:54 am
Milk and beer.

Who still buys garbage bags that require twist ties? I though pretty much every company had gone to the bags with flaps or handles that you can tie closed without the need for a piece of wire covered in paper that will likely someday choke and kill a poor defenseless bird ;)

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday July 24, 2003 -- 10:20:30 am
Chris, Chicago's recycling bags come with twist ties due to a lack of flaps. I've also had bags with built-in flaps, but as I mentioned up there in the Ping, I'm not the best when it comes to tying them (or anything, really.)

FROM: Chris
DATE: Thursday July 24, 2003 -- 11:18:02 am
I'm supossed to read these things before I comment? (grin)

I'm the exact opposite - anything I close with a twist tie is doomed to fall open.

Just a thought - I bet you can go to the dollar store and get a big bag of very cheap garbabge bags that are too thin to actually be uselful. Keep the twist ties and throw away the bags.

FROM: jk
DATE: Thursday July 24, 2003 -- 12:25:19 pm

Helpful Hint: save the twist ties from bread and use them to cinch your trash bags!

DATE: Thursday July 24, 2003 -- 12:29:06 pm

It's not that I'm actually out of it. It's just that it's turned to Melk (TM).

FROM: Greg
DATE: Thursday July 24, 2003 -- 12:32:13 pm
How could you not have any twist ties!? I have hundreds of them. We get them all the time but never use them for anything. Hey, Paul, let's make a deal... a web site for some twist ties.

FROM: towinlovinit
DATE: Thursday July 24, 2003 -- 12:55:49 pm
SOCKS! where do they go after you wash them. I get ready to put them in the dryer and where did they go? I buy bags and bags of socks every year but never have discovered where they walk off to. Any ideas?

FROM: Matt
DATE: Thursday July 24, 2003 -- 4:05:35 pm
Any chance of getting some episodes of "You Can't Do That on Television" off of you?

FROM: Lisa M.W.
DATE: Thursday July 24, 2003 -- 5:24:46 pm
Breakfast bars - those little morning treats from Kellog or whatever? It never fails but the mornings I'm running late and need to grab a quick breakfast, I will reach into the box and find it empty, empty, empty. Aargh!

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday July 24, 2003 -- 9:51:04 pm
Matt --

I wouldn't mind sharing, but some of my stuff is in storage in Virginia, and alas, the tapes are part of it. Next time I'm down, I'll make sure to get them and then we can commence trading. My collection isn't that deep, but for me, they just bring back SO many memories. :)

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday July 24, 2003 -- 11:01:42 pm
Dave -- I was going to ask the same thing... that would be way cool.

And Matt and I both live in VA, so that could help. :)

FROM: jk
DATE: Thursday July 24, 2003 -- 11:02:10 pm
Missing socks go into the Hose-zone layer.

FROM: towinlovinit
DATE: Saturday July 26, 2003 -- 1:50:42 am
Do you have to clean the hose-zone layer?........ Could be why the washer drains slower. I thought it might be the missing hamster that was causing all the problems.

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