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July 25th, 2003


How many times have you gone to a web site looking for an information/a file/an article and it asks you to submit your e-mail address just so you can view the article. It’s a gigantic pain since you never know how they’re going to use your e-mail address and you really don’t want to hear from them again. Well, there’s an elegantly simple solution:


Next time you go to a site that asks for your e-mail address before you pass through, give them an address It doesn’t matter what it is… make it “” if you want. It’ll let you pass through and read your article and you can know you’ve given them a valid e-mail address and you’ll never have to worry about getting spam.

But what if you’re sent a registration code of some sort? Well, go to and in the “check your mail” box, just enter “buttmunch” and click GO. You will then see any e-mail that’s arrived for and you can get the info you need and be on your way. The mailbox is cleared out after a few hours, so while anyone can check anyone else’s temporary box, as long as no super-sensitive personal information is included in the e-mail, it’s no big deal. Since no sign up is required and any address is valid, multiple people can use the same address without problems.

It’s a nice, simple answer to an everyday problem. Thumbs up to Mailinator.

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