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July 26th, 2003

Sandals and Socks

One simple question for you. People who wear socks and sandals: what are they thinking?

Sandals, no socks. Socks, no sandals. It seems so very easy, doesn’t it?

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FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday July 26, 2003 -- 9:13:54 am
Don't Japanese people do the socks and sandals thing? I'm such an ugly American sometimes...

That said, if you're in America, take the socks OFF. And get a haircut, hippie. ;)

FROM: elwood
DATE: Saturday July 26, 2003 -- 12:59:53 pm
sandals + black socks = put them out of their misery

FROM: jk
DATE: Saturday July 26, 2003 -- 9:45:42 pm
I tell people that my dad was forced to leave Germany because he will not wear socks with sandals. A few years ago, he and I were in CA when I spotted some people sporting S+S; I mouthed "I bet they're German!" to him, and got close enough to hear them speak. Yessiree, they were German. It's just not a big deal there! You know what else? We are a funny country when it comes to the colors that men will not wear. Men in Germany, yes MANLY men, wear colors like fuchsia and purple.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Sunday July 27, 2003 -- 12:58:20 am

FROM: towinlovinit
DATE: Sunday July 27, 2003 -- 1:30:12 am
Shame on all of you. It depends on the type of sandels and the type of socks. Ever hear of nylons? Ever hear of dress sandels? You all must still live in the dark ages.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Sunday July 27, 2003 -- 3:37:03 am
As long as it's not the dark-socks-with-shorts ages...

FROM: jk
DATE: Sunday July 27, 2003 -- 11:54:48 am
What are sandels?

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday July 27, 2003 -- 1:05:22 pm
towinlovinit: I think what we were primarily speaking of were men who wear sandals with socks. The only time I've ever seen men wearing nylons are when they are holding up a bank or at Mardi Gras.

FROM: towinlovinit
DATE: Sunday July 27, 2003 -- 2:43:49 pm
WHAT! this is a man's formum. Sorry. and my a was stuck on my keyboard. its unstuck now. Ok, Ok! I'll just go upstairs and get dressed now. I wonder where my sandals went.

FROM: Kate
DATE: Monday July 28, 2003 -- 11:29:52 pm
Personally, I don't see anything wrong with S&S, as long as the socks in question don't go up to the knees. I have it on good authority, however, that this is a fashion no-no, and all S&S wearers should be stripped and shot.

FROM: towinlovinit
DATE: Tuesday July 29, 2003 -- 12:38:21 pm
So...........................Kate, are you saying you should be stripped and shot? What a terrible thing to say. More like strangled with those socks would be a better choice and beat with your own sandals.

FROM: Kate
DATE: Wednesday July 30, 2003 -- 11:32:12 pm
That could work, too. Beaten to death with my own sandals... what a way to go! I hope I haven't stepped in anything lately.

FROM: Lemmin
DATE: Tuesday August 26, 2003 -- 1:18:37 pm
Some please explain what exactly is wrong with socks and sandals? If there is a good reason for not wearing them together, I would love to know. "Because its not fashionable" is NOT a good reason, BTW. Did someone die from wearing them together? Is it racist? Might I catch a life threatening disease? Am I offending a religion?

Put another way... I like wearing sandals (so I can stretch my toes), but I am aware some people might not want to see my freakishly wide feet with they stubby toes and clawlike nails!


FROM: Steve
DATE: Wednesday August 27, 2003 -- 1:23:04 pm
I wear socks with sandals. It feels more comfortable. Without socks, sand or something gets between the shoe & foot & I hate that. I really don't care what people think about it.

FROM: Jerry McCool
DATE: Wednesday August 27, 2003 -- 1:30:10 pm
What if the socks don't match? Like different colors or one high one low or even a sock on only 1 foot. It's all good! ;-)

FROM: Paul
DATE: Sunday September 21, 2003 -- 7:39:17 am
I have several pairs of sandals (Several Tevas, A pair Birkentocks, and a pair Dr. Marten's. I Always tink it is more comfortable to wear any pair of sandals without socks. My feet feel better this way, and I can exersise my toes while they are on my feet. If I need to wear socns in a pair of sandals, which is very, very, seldom, they will be white socks.

FROM: yo momma
DATE: Sunday October 5, 2003 -- 9:34:08 pm

you said
"I can exersise my toes while they are on my feet."

what do you do when your toes are not on your feet? have they ever left your feet?

anyway S&S=bad idea
but then again what about wearing shades indoors? Thats pretty bad too i think.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday October 6, 2003 -- 9:25:35 am
I must admit that I freaked out for a minute when "yo momma" (look! it's 1992! where's Salt-n-Pepa?!) posted about something Paul said. Then I realized it wasn't me, but another Paul.

Plus, you know, "exersise." Not my style.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday October 9, 2003 -- 11:29:06 am
What I mean is I exersise my toes WHILE I AM WEARING MY SANDALS I exersice my toes by curling them as strong as I can, which stretches your toe muscles, and I raise them up. WHen I raise them up this stretches your leg muscles. I had been doing this to my toes for years. I also never wear socks in my sandals, and I will only wear socks in my sandals if I ABSOLUTELY have to. Curling your toes, wiggling them, is good exercise.

FROM: mel
DATE: Thursday October 9, 2003 -- 9:35:09 pm
I've only seen socks and sandals a few times in my life and always thought it to be rather irritating, but not commonplace. Then I moved to Colorado. THEY THINK IT'S OK HERE. Especially in Boulder, along with water-bottle purses and excessive spandex. Ugh.

FROM: Sandalandsoxer [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday October 14, 2003 -- 5:31:44 am
There's a lot of sandal and soxers about you know. Evidence at Vote for soxer of the year, out a friend with a picture and earn him a snazzy certificate. Stay well guys.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday October 14, 2003 -- 7:23:04 am
I've gotta say, that's pretty funny...

FROM: Chaz Fox
DATE: Monday November 3, 2003 -- 12:58:19 pm
It's sorta Ok 2 wear socks with sandals, providing you follow this:
DON'T wear shorts wit them, It's stoopid. Plus the age old equasion:
Black Socks+ Leather Sandals = lame!!!! anything else is fine

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday November 3, 2003 -- 1:10:32 pm
You mean Equasion, right?

FROM: Michele Baer [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday November 8, 2003 -- 5:44:56 pm
I've been crunching my socks between my toes and wearing them with flip flops forever. Seems I'm not the only one, everyone on campus here are doing it .. so I'm making flip flop socks and they are awesome. It's not just for Germans and not just for cold climates either!

FROM: Michele Baer [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday November 8, 2003 -- 5:47:48 pm
check them out here if you like:

DATE: Tuesday November 25, 2003 -- 10:22:23 pm

FROM: jap
DATE: Friday December 5, 2003 -- 9:09:55 am
you dam hippie

FROM: art
DATE: Thursday December 18, 2003 -- 10:30:34 am
Hello, The last I checked this was a free country. If I feel more comfortable wearing socks with my sandals what is that to you?
Why so much hate for my desire to wear socks with my sandals.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday December 18, 2003 -- 11:01:20 am
Well, we're actually trying to pass a constitutional amendment stating that everything on the Daily Ping is gospel. People like you are wrong, plain and simple, and the law will soon prove it.

FROM: Anthony
DATE: Wednesday February 18, 2004 -- 4:47:57 pm
I wear socks and sandals with jeans. Black socks with black Dr. Martins. Looks good to me.

FROM: gabs443389x
DATE: Monday February 23, 2004 -- 4:38:08 pm
every one of the hottest girls @ our school wears sandals with socks in winter. now i think sandals of all kinds look good on girls...even with socks! So whats the problem?

FROM: gabs443389x
DATE: Monday February 23, 2004 -- 4:41:04 pm
But sandals and socks dont go without pants, mind you.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday February 23, 2004 -- 5:34:56 pm
"gabs443389x" is definitely the strangest name I've heard in recent years. I hope your last name isn't "johnson93029."

DATE: Friday March 5, 2004 -- 10:46:54 pm
I wore flip-flops w/o socks for most of the winter-except when the snow was above my socks

FROM: Andy
DATE: Monday March 15, 2004 -- 5:23:47 am
Socks in sandals is stylish and comfortable. It prolongues the sandal season into the winter, and either way it is always cooler than cramming your feet into germ incubators known as shoes.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Wednesday March 31, 2004 -- 2:27:16 pm
Socks with sandals is too uncomfortable for me. I cannot wear socks in any of my sandals. It is more comfortable NOT to wear socks in sandals.

FROM: James Sullivan
DATE: Thursday April 15, 2004 -- 3:37:50 pm
You people make me sick, bunch of idiots. Socks and Sandles go great together, especially black socks. I'm wearing them right now, and man I'm pretty cool. Get a clue fucksticks.

FROM: risi
DATE: Monday April 26, 2004 -- 11:19:38 am
If you want to see a great picture of claws on feet go to . What is she thinking?!?!

FROM: Andy
DATE: Friday May 7, 2004 -- 5:40:18 am
Check out and choke on those thong socks. Soxing at a new level!

FROM: gggdhgh
DATE: Monday May 24, 2004 -- 12:51:36 pm

FROM: natbro
DATE: Sunday September 5, 2004 -- 3:34:23 pm
Socks & sandals only makes sense in cool weather, & only with long pants!

DATE: Friday September 10, 2004 -- 1:46:25 pm
I wear Dr. Scholls exercise sandals always without socks. It gets a little cold in the winter but socks are just too uncomfortable

FROM: Martin
DATE: Sunday September 12, 2004 -- 11:21:05 am
I wear nothing but black socks and sandals , even when driving my blackFerrari, I'm that guy who always been admired since high school, whats your problem people, we sox and sandals guys are comfortable , why are you bothered?????

FROM: Mafaz
DATE: Tuesday November 9, 2004 -- 10:21:42 am
i like wearing socks with sandals especially with socks it looks more comfortable on my feet & looks sexy.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Tuesday November 9, 2004 -- 2:39:29 pm
I think it's a cultural thing. If you watch Bollywood movies, you will see plenty of sandals and socks. Vietnamese also are big fans of the sandal and sock combo. Croatians like to sport that style, especially with dark socks; Chinese, too. Germans are mad about it, apparently, and the English never mind if they see it; maybe even do it.

But for some reason sandals and socks has always been viewed askance here in the USA. I think it's a vestige of post WWII fashion xenophobia. Sandals and socks is the sign of a foreigner who has not quite assimilated--at least it used to be. Hippies like to wear foreign made clothes, particularly South American duds, in which the sandal and sock combo is South Americana.

What's with Americans? Why are we sandal and sock-o-phobes?

I don't know why. It sure looks comfortable, but I can't get myself to do it. I think for me, it's because I think of socks as something to put between your foot and a shoe, but their not really meant to be looked at. If you're a sandal and socker, you have to be willing to have very clean white socks suitable for viewing. My socks are usually not in a viewable state, even though they may have many many miles worth of wear left.

In short, I'm lazy.

I don't really wear sandals anyway, except for flip-flops at the beach occasionally, and sockless.

I'm a shoe person. Usually I wear hiking boots with socks to the beach anyway. I think socks are comfortable. If I did get some Birkenstock type sandals, I might wear them with socks. But Christ, I can get two pairs of nice office dress shoes for the price of one pair of Birkenstocks, and I don't have to maintain virgin white socks.

I don't like to wear sandals mainly because I don't wear socks with them and my feet get slimey. Even though I don't do socks and sandals, I'm with the socks and sandal people in spirit.

Go sox and sandals!

FROM: paulo
DATE: Sunday November 14, 2004 -- 8:51:19 pm
I like it and wear it 100% of the times. Especially black socks with my Dr. Marteens dark-blue sandals. It's very comfortable.

DATE: Friday January 14, 2005 -- 1:44:20 pm
Sandals are made to be worn without socks. I wear Dr Scholls sandals without socks except in deep snow. It gets a little chilly at times, but the increased comfort makes up of it.

DATE: Friday January 14, 2005 -- 1:44:23 pm
Sandals are made to be worn without socks. I wear Dr Scholls sandals without socks except in deep snow. It gets a little chilly at times, but the increased comfort makes up of it.

FROM: Tressa
DATE: Saturday February 5, 2005 -- 11:34:37 am
I am going to Australia and might wear socks with my Tevas. My daughter says she would be absolutely mortified if I did this. She sent me the link to this S&S site and I've been laughing aloud. Thanks for the entertainment!

FROM: Pete
DATE: Sunday February 6, 2005 -- 12:40:38 pm
I wear wooden exercise sandals (Scholl or Berkemann) without socks. My toes can feel the wood better and work the sandals better. Plus I can see my toes clasping the raised mould and feel the wood smacking my bare soles

FROM: natbro
DATE: Sunday February 27, 2005 -- 10:46:50 pm
Socks with sandals only make sense
in cool weather. Socks are fine w/ sandals on cool mornings, & can then be removd later in the day to prevent
the hot, sweaty feeling & geeky appearance.
If it is warm enough for shorts, it is too warm for socks, so they should not be seen together, especially w/ sandals!

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Monday February 28, 2005 -- 5:10:34 pm
I'm still lost on something:

S&S = socks and shoes or socks and sandals? Socks and socks? Shoes and shoes? Sandals and shoes--but what about socks? Oh forget it.

In fact, what apparel goes on your feet that doesn't begin with "s"? There's the real question.

Socks, shoes, sandals . . . hmmmmmm.



FROM: Chaz Fox
DATE: Monday March 28, 2005 -- 6:57:19 am
Joseph: There's boots.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Monday March 28, 2005 -- 9:09:42 am

FROM: Jeff
DATE: Monday March 28, 2005 -- 1:48:54 pm
I wear socks with my sandals when it gets too cool, like in the evenings. Well, anyway, there's no reason to be intolerent over this !

FROM: Dude
DATE: Saturday April 9, 2005 -- 2:19:46 am
>Well, we're actually trying to pass a constitutional amendment stating that
>everything on the Daily Ping is gospel. People like you are wrong, plain and
>simple, and the law will soon prove it.

Wearing sandals and socks together is completely wrong, too. Why not pass a constitution ammendment banning it?

FROM: Jeannie
DATE: Wednesday April 13, 2005 -- 8:48:17 am
When I was about 17 I wore socks sandles, then somebody said it didnt look good. Most sandles rubbed my feet so I wore socks...Duh. A friend said to try Dr. Sholls Original Exercise Sandles.
Ok I worked into them, and liked them more than any Ive had. They really get comment by the guys..of course without socks! They make my feet feel and look great! Now where can I get a new pair!

FROM: Angela
DATE: Wednesday April 13, 2005 -- 8:55:29 am
Jeannie. Read your comment I agree that Dr. Schoells Sandlals are reallllly cool. A man teaser without socks. See ya!

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Wednesday April 13, 2005 -- 2:10:01 pm
On the contrary, men tend to stay away from women who wear Dr. Scholl's. I think it has to do with that hardwood sole that makes a fierce weapon.

Nevertheless, Angela, it looks like you can get a new pair here.

DATE: Sunday April 24, 2005 -- 8:46:08 am
What is it with all of you? Why is sandals with socks an issue? What does that say about the people who are concerned about it either way? Or have I missed something and it's all a long tedious jest?

FROM: Susan
DATE: Wednesday May 18, 2005 -- 10:49:11 am
I got my first pair of Dr. Scholls Exercise Sandels and I agree with Jeannie they are really cool, hard wooden shoes that make a sound when you walk! Dont wear em with socks! Im 5.5ft and slim, I get the looks. Like good for cute looking girls like me. I cant imagine guys wear these but my boyfriend thinks their nice and so do my friends at the club. Susie

FROM: Angela
DATE: Wednesday May 18, 2005 -- 10:52:13 am
Thanks! there great!

FROM: Paul
DATE: Wednesday May 18, 2005 -- 10:58:16 am
Truly, those last two comments are fantastic. (I think I need to employ the "Respond to my own comments under a new name" technique....)

FROM: Pete
DATE: Thursday May 26, 2005 -- 5:21:10 pm
Guys and dr scholls wooden sandals? I wear them because I love how they feel, but I must admit they are not really accepted for guys to wear....why, whats wrong with them with a pair of barefeet?

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Thursday May 26, 2005 -- 5:38:21 pm

Do you wear the pink or the pink plaid?

Just curious.

FROM: Pete
DATE: Thursday May 26, 2005 -- 5:39:51 pm
I have a black strapped pair of Scholls exercise sandals

FROM: rich and shane
DATE: Monday June 13, 2005 -- 11:24:42 am
Does anyone who wears socks and sandals actually look in the mirror before they step onto the street?????they look like complete tits !!!!!!

FROM: NoseBleed
DATE: Monday June 13, 2005 -- 11:33:23 am
Can any reasonable conversation about something so mundane as sandles being worn with socks really survive for almost 2 years?

Apparently, yes.

Young high-school women/girls wearing house-slippers in public look stupid.


FROM: bill
DATE: Saturday June 18, 2005 -- 5:08:04 am
I love it when grils wear socks with sandals.....

Any color, but it has to be those black adidas sandals

DATE: Saturday June 18, 2005 -- 3:18:04 pm
I wear Dr. Scholls or Berkman exercise sandals year round, always without socks. It gets a little difficult in deep snow, but these shoes were not made to be worn with socks.

FROM: tess
DATE: Tuesday July 12, 2005 -- 11:42:31 pm
okay sandals are met to wear to air feet out in hot weather,if you need to wear socks then wear a closed toe shoe,S&S looks funny...

FROM: Melissa
DATE: Friday July 29, 2005 -- 3:04:22 pm
I love to see guys wearing Dr. Scholls sandals without socks, provided that their feet and toes are hairless, and their nails are polished. My boyfriend has adopted this look and he looks great. His only complaint is that his toes get cold in the winter.

FROM: James
DATE: Monday August 1, 2005 -- 6:15:48 pm
It's America, I'll wear socks and sandals if I want to. If you don't like it, tough. I'm not wearing them to please anyone but me. You might want to be in good shape if you want to come and MAKE me take them off.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday August 1, 2005 -- 9:46:32 pm
You might want to be in good shape if you want to come and MAKE me take them off.

The best kinds of idle threats are anonymous idle threats. God, I love the internet.

FROM: James [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday August 2, 2005 -- 2:14:36 am
Ok, Paul, I really like your site but here it is again not anonymous. E-mail me and I'll give you my address and phone number.
Not toooo anonymous now is it?
you got a great site and an outstanding idea for a site name. You should be making some bucks from it.

laters Paul.

FROM: rick
DATE: Friday August 5, 2005 -- 5:08:23 pm
Hey Guys. I have been wearing Scholl sandals for years. Just bought a black pair from Zappos a week ago. I wear them everywhere,no socks, and people stop to ask about them positively on the street or they sneer. I think guys look great in them, if you have reasonably nice feet. I do. I also wear toe rings which gets a comment now and then. So come on guys, strap on some wood and be free.

FROM: rick
DATE: Friday August 5, 2005 -- 5:12:13 pm
Oh yeah. Would be cool to talk with guys who do wear Scholl sandals and talk about experiences wearing them. Up for it. They are some of the sexiest sandals I have seen on guys. Later

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday August 5, 2005 -- 8:00:47 pm
Ok, Paul, I really like your site but here it is again not anonymous.

Nice! Now once I get your info, I can report you to the authorities for making a threat! Sweet!

Actually, James, maybe you should get in touch with Rick. I think you two could hook up.

FROM: jk
DATE: Friday August 5, 2005 -- 11:19:01 pm
I am mighty can be so if you really try.

FROM: James
DATE: Saturday August 6, 2005 -- 1:23:51 pm
You're dreaming Paul.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Saturday August 6, 2005 -- 6:15:28 pm
I don't know that James actually issued a threat. It looks to me more like he only stated that he would vigorously defend himself in response to a threat of attack or attack. He never said he would physically harm anyone first, only that should someone first come and try to make him take his Scholl's off, he would defend himself, which would be well within his rights to protect himself.

If the men who wear Scholl's are like the women who wear Scholl's those suckers can be mighty lethal weapons, as I mentioned earlier.

I wouldn't fuck with James, myself. Of course, I'd sure like to see Rick and James fight. Their names together are Rick James, who is also someone I would not fuck with (if he were still alive, that is). That's cool.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Saturday August 6, 2005 -- 6:30:30 pm
I was being facetious, kids. Although James will get a special mention in our book for sure.

Joseph, thanks for mentioning Rick James. Truly, he was a superfreak.

FROM: James
DATE: Saturday August 6, 2005 -- 6:42:21 pm
Touche' Paul, a tip of the hat to a blog well played. I enjoyed it.

FROM: James
DATE: Saturday August 6, 2005 -- 6:55:49 pm
Hey Rick, I want to thank you for mentioning the Scholl sandals. I'm looking at a pair of Men's Blue River sandals. Think I'll be trying them with and without my socks.

I don't know why but every time I hear the name Rick James now I can only think of Dave Chappell. It's sad cause I think I may still have one of Ricks last 8-track tapes.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Sunday August 7, 2005 -- 3:47:17 pm
What the hell was I talking about? I must have been hypoglycemic when I wrote that ping comment.

FROM: rick
DATE: Sunday August 7, 2005 -- 4:52:06 pm
Yeah, I think Rick James died last year. That MoFo could party like noone else man. I used to cater videos and movies and such in LA and worked on a video shoot he was producing. Wild shit man. James, cool, just buy the sandals, wear em, be happy, I just turned a couple of friends onto them, they were always full of ridicule when I wear mine. Now they are reluctantly trying them out. Whatever, life is short and bitter so make it a blast if you can. Laters. Rick James rules.

FROM: Rick
DATE: Sunday August 7, 2005 -- 4:55:58 pm
James, What are Blue River sandals?

FROM: James [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday August 8, 2005 -- 2:05:36 am
They are the ones that Dr Scholls sells. I just did a google on dr scholls sandals and found them at the end of the list. All the rest were ladies sandals. They were nice but not my style. I think my wife might have something to say if I bought a pair of them for me and not her.

Joseph, I didn't see anything outta shape with your post. I wouldn't mess with Rick James dead or alive.

Rick I gotta thank you for the mention of Dr Scholls. I've got Peripheral Neuropathy so my sandals have to be super soft or I have to wear socks. PN makes your skin feel like it's super sunburned 24/7/365. The Blue River sandals from the Dr may just be the ticket.

FROM: James [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday August 8, 2005 -- 2:18:26 am
Hey Paul, you write some pretty interesting stuff. That is you on Gapers Block and the New York Times isn't it?

Very nice.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday August 8, 2005 -- 9:57:33 am
That is me on GB, yep. But the Times? Haven't seen it.

FROM: James [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday August 8, 2005 -- 11:42:49 am
The 'Times' mention you and your photography

FROM: Sinsio
DATE: Thursday September 15, 2005 -- 1:43:24 am
I'm a sock and sandals person. I wear short athletic socks (white and clean, of course.) I find S&S especially comfortable when wearing socks with double strap sandals. They tend to chafe my ankles otherwise. I don't have a problem with sweaty feet so I suppose that may be why some of you feel that socks are nasty and enjoy the freedom of letting your sandaled feet "breathe."

FROM: John
DATE: Monday October 31, 2005 -- 10:08:13 pm
Look up bigot in the dictionary sometime.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday October 31, 2005 -- 10:49:04 pm
Look up bigot in the dictionary sometime.

Look up "anonymous internet coward" in your mirror sometime. Zing!

FROM: Lowsoxboy
DATE: Monday November 7, 2005 -- 7:29:17 pm
Every one has their opinion! I actually find the no-show socks when worn with ADIDAS/NIKE style sport sandals to be very comfortable and sexy! I love seeing other guys wearing them, too! More power to you sox&sandal wearers!

FROM: ian
DATE: Wednesday November 9, 2005 -- 4:35:28 pm
i'm 34 and have been wearing socks and sandals for years. open toed shoes and sandals have become really popular for guys over the last few years. i love birkenstock milano and arizona most.white, blue or black socks are the best although you cant beat no socks in the summer.

DATE: Friday December 2, 2005 -- 1:53:57 am
I think one must wear socks with sandals.

FROM: locks
DATE: Friday December 9, 2005 -- 8:15:23 am
guys barefoot -with nice -feet in sandals are HOTT

FROM: locks
DATE: Friday December 9, 2005 -- 8:16:01 am
guys barefoot -with nice -feet in sandals are HOTT

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Friday December 9, 2005 -- 9:54:40 am

Any particular color or type of sock? I'd assume that argyle socks would be a no no, but I'm not in the culture.

FROM: Brian
DATE: Thursday December 29, 2005 -- 9:44:06 am
I have been wearing Dr. Scholls with a toe ring for years. I don't think I own any socks...

DATE: Sunday January 1, 2006 -- 1:02:52 pm
On women: I won't even consider dating a girl who won't wear sandals with socks. On men: No man should wear sandals. Ever. For any reason. Okay, I'm off my soapbox now.

FROM: amber black
DATE: Sunday February 12, 2006 -- 5:21:22 am
Hello, everyone!
I have bought myself some really cool, tan sandals, made from leather, they look great, but for one thing: I am noticing dark coloured toe imprints when i remove them, which really stand out against the light tan soles, and it looks unsightly. Why are they doing this? My feet are never dirty when i slip them on, any answers, please?

FROM: Mike
DATE: Wednesday April 19, 2006 -- 3:24:14 pm
I don't see anything wrong with sox and sandles. If you show up to my house with no sox on, I wouldn't be very happy. It is not very good manors to walk into somebodies house with no sox on your feet. Were you people not taught any manors or what.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Wednesday April 19, 2006 -- 3:44:50 pm
Were you people not taught any manors or what.

No, I've never been taught mansions.

FROM: A not so proud american
DATE: Thursday April 20, 2006 -- 12:10:44 am
Don't wear socks and sandals, that's like wearing boxers with briefs under them. IT'S A FREAKING CONTRADICTION!!!

FROM: sarah
DATE: Friday April 21, 2006 -- 4:23:29 pm
kris. you gatta stop!!!!!!

DATE: Tuesday April 25, 2006 -- 1:51:09 pm
I wear Dr. Scholls wooden exercise sandals without socks on most casual occasions all year long, even in the cold weather and in snow. I just cannot see how these sandals could be worn with socks. All comments have been positive.

FROM: Alura
DATE: Wednesday May 3, 2006 -- 11:07:36 am
This debate is bizarre. I think you people have too much time on your hands (or should I say feet?).

FROM: george
DATE: Friday May 19, 2006 -- 3:53:34 pm
I think very short socks (just to the ankle) are perfectly acceptable with sandals. If you don't wear socks, then (if your feet sweat) it becomes uncomfortable to walk around in sweatly sandals. Sock will absorb the sweat and make for a more comfortable experience. Also, your feet won't smell as bad with sock as they do without... (those in close proximity will thank you for wearing socks!)

But I do agree, no black dress socks to the knee please...

FROM: george
DATE: Friday May 19, 2006 -- 3:56:15 pm
BY the way, A not so proud american; Snoop Dogg DOES wear briefs under his boxers... I've seen him say so on at least two different interviews...

(But perhaps this is a discussion for another forum?)

FROM: zahn
DATE: Saturday May 27, 2006 -- 8:15:58 am
I like finding socks with holes in them, then I wear them in my rubber sandals. I have a hand-ker-chief. I blow my nose in it and put it in my pocket, in the shorts I wear, with underwear sticking out, and socks and sandals. The flip flops make lots of noise at the mall. Everyone can hear me walking in my socks and flip flops at the mall.

FROM: Person
DATE: Saturday June 17, 2006 -- 2:52:34 pm
The combination of sandals and socks is very ugly indeed. It makes you look ancient, old-fashioned, narrow-minded and retarded, all in one go. Even in Europe. Especially when the sandals are styled in the old-fashioned way with three leather straps and metal clasps.

Many older people wear old-fashioned sandals with (white) socks, bermuda trousers, polo shirt, glasses with hinged sun glasses on top and some ugly cap or floppy little hat. In extreme cases they also tend to smoke a pipe... WARNING: don't be like that! It's so ugly and disgusting that it hurts other peoples eyes and minds.

Some people try to wear a special "short" kind of socks in their sandals. I thinks its still really ugly and just a half-witted attempt to deny the fact that it's ill styling. Even more horrible to me, actually. Recommended for pick-nick basket women and men with a cross-dressing tendency.

However... When your hiking or trekking in nasty surroundings, one sometimes must wear hi-tech sandals from Keen or Teva. The synthetic ones don't rot in the jungle. But when you go for more than 10 kilometers, it's wise to wear special (non-cotton) hiking socks in the sandals. Ugly or not. It prevents you from getting blisters that convert into open wounds. If I catch you walking around like that, I won't tell anyone but in other situations I'm going to write Kofi Annan about your crime...

DATE: Monday June 19, 2006 -- 7:24:07 am
I love how the fashion Nazis try to intimidate everyone wearing sandals and socks. "Das ist nicht richtig! Du bist ein verdammt Kommunist!" Pretty soon they'll build special camps for us.

The facts is that the primary reason people wear socks with sandals is to absorb sweat. Socks soak up the sweat, distribute it evenly and evaporate it. It may be days before a socks needs to be changed. But with sandals, it's not so simple.

People who don't wear socks with sandals have a huge problem with personal odor, because the sweat underneath the feet cannot evaporate or wick off anywhere. It can only be absorbed into the lining of the sandal, where it festers and becomes a cesspool for fetid bacteria. But I suppose it's a small price to pay for looking fashionable.

Another problem which the bare-footed sandal wearers have to endure in shameful silence are blisters. Once the lining of the sandals gets soaked with stinky sweat and crusted with salt, it starts to rub the feet in a most sadistic manner. This wouldn't be the first time the fashion-conscious crowd was willing to put up with excruciating pain in order to be accepted by their peers, but doesn't it kind of defeats the idea that sandals are to be worn for comfort?

Just some thoughts.

FROM: Pauly
DATE: Monday June 19, 2006 -- 1:56:23 pm
I never wear socks in my sandals. I Love showing off my bare feet to everyone. My opinion is that sandals are made to be worn without socks. I wear sandals pretty much all the time, and I am always barefoot in them. I do see many people in sandals today (both men and woman) wear sandals without socks, and I rarely see people wear socks in their sandals. There are some people who I knoiw who just started wearing sandals, and they tell me that they really love wearing them. I see people of all ages wear sandals these days. When I do see people wear socks in sandals, I would prefer see them wear white socks. I do not like seeing people wear these odd colored socks, because it looks so odd looking.

I started wearing sandals in 1995, and through out the years I have been wearing them, I see more and more men wearing them. I have several Teva sandals that I wear, and I also have some Dr Marten Sandals, and two pairs of Birkenstock Sandals, and I also have a few pairs of Adidas flip-flops. I think sandals are going into style more and more each year. Many shoe manufactures are making sandals today. I am considering buying myself some New Balance Flip-FLops.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday June 19, 2006 -- 2:07:58 pm
Joe: bringing up the word "Nazi" immediately invalidates your argument. Try again!

DATE: Monday August 21, 2006 -- 1:01:36 pm
Just adding my name to the list of guys who wear Dr. Scholls. My highschool GF got me started wearing them in the 1970s and I've recently bought 2 new pair (white and blue, not pink). And yes, I do shave my legs and yes, I do wear toenail polish. It's a feminine look for sure but I get lots of compliments from women.

Lacey September 10, 2006, 2:29 am

I dont think guys should wear Dr Scholls since they really look good on ladies feet..make their legs look good if their thin. Purchased the Originals for 30.oo in Blue. The new colors are bizarre. Like the old style should come back, remember the 70’s! Retro cool..

Skelly November 4, 2006, 6:18 am

Okay, if anyone wants to wear S&S they can. It’s fashion, not a matter of looking down upon someone or anything. We should have the right to choose what we wear, shouldn’t we? Maybe it looks funny sometimes. But does that mean that soxers should be put down like this? I don’t think so. Shoes are shoes, wear what you want. I’m disappointed that all you people are so fashion-obsessive. Honestly!

Nick November 19, 2006, 6:37 pm

Hey Sandals and Flip Flops are most comfortable but they look better without socks. They have been in style for a long time and probaly will be for awhile. I wear Flip Flops all year round except when the weather is extremely cold or if its snowing.

Konnie April 26, 2007, 6:02 am

I got a pair of Dr Scholls originals in white..remembering when I was 16 and got my first pair. Killer! It shaped my legs and feet, and all the guys commented. Sexy, those wooden shoes, Dr Scholls Exercise Sandles. I got for a present a pair from my girlfriend. Now 27 still I love them. Its a rage and like it! No good with socks or hose, but bare feet WOW!! No socks! But suggest any girl with good legs and slender can show them off well… an guys like em tooo! Trust Me!!!!

noname June 24, 2007, 5:06 pm

I have very ugly feet, especially my toes, so wearing socks with sandals only makes sense!!!

Angolmois June 25, 2007, 2:47 am

What’s with all those sandal Nazis who tell people what they can and cannot wear? Get a life, you losers! BTW, not wearing socks has been linked with fungal infections. I hope you enjoy your stinky feet, fashion lovers!

o/~ I wear my socked sandals at night o/~ June 26, 2007, 5:16 pm

Quote from a good ways back: (I think I need to employ the “Respond to my own comments under a new name” technique….)

The common name for a person using this technique is… wait for it… a SOCK PUPPET. *nodnod* Isn’t nature wonderful?!

john crosetti June 29, 2007, 9:28 pm

Ive been reading all these comments to decide if I should wear white socks with my sandals, Hawaiian shirt and pink shorts, to dinner. I do it all the time, but wondered why people look at me wierdly. Now I know! There’s a lot of people out there that are WIERD, and make judgements about others, and what they wear. SANDALS AND SOCKS FOREVER! (just don’t wear black socks)

John July 15, 2007, 10:32 pm

Has anyone tried Birkenstock Madrids?
They are similar to but much more cool than Scholls and they look great with or without socks. Very comfoprtable too.
Try them! You can get them in men’s sizes from several suppliers in Germany but they do need to be ordered specially.

Forrest Greene July 26, 2007, 11:23 pm

I say it’s all about the feet & how they like to feel.

Sometimes the air temperature, the dew point, & the ambient albedo combine to render even the most ardent foot funky when bare. What’s more manly than sweaty feet? You want to wear your sandals, they feel comfortable & simple; minimalist. But whatever soupy tropical mugg you’re swimming through has rendered your gunboats shocked: pale, clammy, breaking out in a cold sweat. Not in a James Brown way, either, which would’ve been cool.

All you have to do is insulate! Warm what’s cold, cool what’s hot. Slip on your favorite socks & all’s well air-conditioning-wise. Plus you get to wear your sandals. Are you about to let the sneers & giggles of a passel of in-crowdistas cramp your style? I thought not. Remember:

“Fashion is the art of conforming faster than anyone else.”

I mean, if that’s how you want to live your life. Personally, I prefer Tevas around the house & big bad Chacos for going out in the world. I wear them barefoot, but also with socks, when I feel like it. I usually wear hiking liner socks, which are smooth & lightweight, & are designed for conditions of pedal murk such as those described above. The Merino wool ones from Smartwool are especially comfortable.

To say nothing of the cold. Heavier hiking socks then.

perrin August 2, 2007, 1:03 am

Hey, Im a guy and all I have worn this summer is my new pair of black Scholl exercise sandals. Takes alot of balls to wear em around but they feel and look great.My feet look terrific, smooth and tan, I take great care of them. I also wear two silver two rings and the comments I get from people has been mixed. I do not care, I dig it, they look great and thats it. Never wore them with socks and I cant believe there is a whole page talking about this inane subject. Whatever, be free, show your feet, and be nice. Lets hear it from the dudes who wear Scholls. I also have a pair of the Madrids the other guy was talking about. Laters

Tim August 7, 2007, 3:44 pm

I’m too wear black Scholl exercise sandals. I’ve been wearing them for years now and not only do they feel great and look good, but they are good for the feet too. My toes are strong, straight, and mega flexible. My experience is that most people don’t bother what sandals guys wear these days, although occasionally the odd person does a double take. Maybe its the noise of the slapping against the feet. Perrin – what country are you in? If you want to chat off the archive drop me an e-mail

John August 11, 2007, 9:13 am

I find Birks to be more confortable than Scholls. Perhaps my feet are too wide for Scholls. Yes, sandals do get noticed though!

JimboJonie August 27, 2007, 7:35 am

Never, never, never, wear sandals with socks.
It goes against everything that is good and right with the world.
See here:
No means no.

John September 2, 2007, 7:34 am

You should try it sometime, it really is very comfortable to wear socks in your sandals! It seems so natural with the right sandals and the right clothes. Obviously if you are wearing shorts then socks do not look good, but with jeans and the right socks that don’t clash it doesn’t offend.

Melissa December 15, 2007, 3:05 pm

My boyfriend has several pairs of Dr. Scholls and Berkemann exercise sandals which I like him to wear sockless year round. I think he looks really hot.

perrin December 17, 2007, 11:48 pm

I think its amazing people keep going on with this subject. Whatevs. I wear the heeled Scholl exercise sandals. Black and kahki. I am 30 year old male with unusually pretty feet and Ive been wearing Scholls since 8th grade. Wore them to school even. I dig em. Wear them all day and everywhere. Why they are such a turn on I cannot say. They show off the foot beautifully. I wear toe rings also. The responses are funny and its always fun trying to figure out what people might be thinking.Feet and toes are fun, show them off and be happy. Ciao

glyster January 18, 2008, 8:27 am

You guys need to get over yourself. What other people wear and how they wear them are their business. If you don’t want to wear sandals with socks, then don’t do it. I have never seen so many narrow-minded people at one place.

People like you are probably the ones elected George W. Bush to presidency.

Paul January 18, 2008, 12:54 pm

“People like you are probably the ones elected George W. Bush to presidency.”

LOL if you think a simple web page about sandals and socks = being Republican.

david May 16, 2008, 7:14 am

i am a gouy and i have been wearing dr scholls sandals since i was a kid and i still think there is nothing sexier than women who wear them.i have several different colors and wear them all year around also

Adam May 19, 2008, 1:04 pm

I love wooden exercise sandals. I’m 35. I wear them all year round at home, without socks of course, and in summer outside. Great sandals! I have several pairs of them.
I’d like to talk with guys with the same pasion for wooden exercise sandals.

Perrin May 20, 2008, 8:58 pm

Hey Adam, I left a message earlier but I am not sure if it made it. I love to hear about guys and Scholls. I know there alot of us out there. Do you want to talk about experiences wearing them? I just got a new pair that are dark brown. Very cool. Lets talk. Perin

erick May 16, 2009, 8:29 am

I wear socks and sandals and i love it!! i mean what’s the matter with you people i bet you have never done it, but if you do i swear you’ll change your mind, wearing sandals and socks is sooo comfortable, i have wide feet and closed shoes give me hell, but sandals make me feel in heaven, sandals usually harm naked feet…. but socks come to the rescue sure is preferable to wear short socks, feel free and dont be intimidated by silly people, dont let fashion dominate you, get some control over your life

hamish milne August 21, 2009, 2:07 pm

I love wearing socks and sandals. I wear 70s style nylon
patterned socks in really flashy patterns, and the sandals
reveal them beautifully! And then by the evening my
socks smell wonderful and the sandal leather stinks! WOW

biandora April 6, 2010, 1:30 pm

Nice argunments…and finally the one who’d never wear socks but I do wear wooden scholl sandals at any occasions…with pantyhose 🙂

Antonymous January 10, 2020, 11:50 am

I think it’s either out of habit or because some think they have very ugly feet and especially men seem to be socialized this way in some circles and subculters, it depends, like they think men have much uglier feet than women so they should stay hidden or that it’s not manly if they show. It often self fulfills because they actually didn’t take care of them one bit which is what very made them ugly in first place ^_^. Or for similar reasons, us men including myself to an extent are much used to wear socks all time and cling to them as a protective layer out of habit, complaing that losing them irritate their feet due to the friction, which is probably why many resort to just not wear shorts even in summer or even wearing shorts with shoes and socks! A minor part resorts to sandals and socks and their reasons might cross with the other aforementioned ones, thinking it’s too hot to wear shoes, but just can’t forego socks.
About the comfort, well it’s just normal that it feels uncomfortable at first, you are just used to wear socks all year round except for going beach :).
When I went out in shorts for the first time, my leather sandals used to feet quite uncomfortable against my bare feet and toes, because I always wore socks and pants. I was about to give up and go for pairing shoes and socks or simply go back to light pants, but I figured I just had to break them out and in addition just getting used to that, until it felt great and comfortable. So I can really understand where you come from.
Remember to take care of heels, scrub, file your toenails and optionally take off excess hair, before wearing shorts, it’s just taking care of yourself respecting yourself in first place and nothing is unmanly about that ^_^.

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