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August 5th, 2003


You’ve got to love a site like Book-A-Minute, which provides you with ultra-condensed versions of books and movies. How condensed is “ultra-condensed”? Here’s Beowolf:


Let’s build a big old dining hall and call it Herot.

(They do. Then Grendel, an ugly guy, takes over Herot and eats people.Beowulf rips his arm off.)


You rule, Beowulf.

(Some people make SPEECHES and tell IRRELEVANT STORIES. Beowulf kills somemore STUFF.)


Wiglaf, I’m dying. See that my funeral pyre fits my greatness.




My favorite movie reviews are for Wild Things and Speed. You’ve got to love anyone that can give the gist of a two-hour production in a few seconds.

I’m thinking that certain Pings could be condensed into this format. Anyone want to give it a shot?

(A nod to co-worker Yanek for this find.)

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