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August 6th, 2003


It’s not often that I go to Dave and Buster’s anymore, largely due to their pricing. But whenever I go, I always – always – play Colorama.

The rules? Simple. You sit down (optional). You insert a coin, or swipe your player’s card. Then, the Colorama dome starts spinning. A ball inside of it will eventually land within one colored section of the dome – a lot like roulette. Where will it land? You have to guess – and, if you guess right, you get tickets.

That’s it. You can also take a Skill Shot and stop the dome from spinning, if you like – it’s satisfying, much like pressing down a plunger on a game show would be. But overall, the reason I like Colorama so much is that it’s so damn easy to win.

I’m also impressed that the machine only costs about $2400. Shall we start up a Colorama fund?

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