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September 14th, 2003


[As Paul relocates across the country, Ryan is filling in for him…]

Are you a sleepwalker or sleeptalker?

While I talk in my sleep pretty frequently (often coming up with such gems of words as “bofenus” and telling people not to stick their foot in the peanut butter), I sleepwalk only very rarely. In fact, it had been years since I sleptwalk last… until last Friday night. It was only a few steps, but it was still quite weird to wake up in a different place then where I went to sleep.

I bet Pingers have some good sleepwalking/talking stories…

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FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday September 14, 2003 -- 1:02:02 pm
I've never heard a real sleepwalking story. Weird.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday September 14, 2003 -- 1:44:47 pm
As a young child, I had a couple of real interesting sleepwalking stories.

The most interesting is when I was in first grade. According to my parents, I woke from sleep at 10:30p (bedtime was 9), went to the front door, and while my parents watched, I unlocked the door, and went outside to the corner to wait for the school bus, while still in my pajamas.

My parents carried me in and put me to bed, never knowing. At least, this is what my parents claim, to this day.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Sunday September 14, 2003 -- 2:56:29 pm
I've never sleepwalked in my life, and am thankful for that.

FROM: jk
DATE: Sunday September 14, 2003 -- 3:47:45 pm
Why do I feel as if I already told you this story? I woke up a couple years ago to find myself standing on my bed, holding a painting that hangs over my bed. I know I told you this. Wait, maybe I am sleep walking at this very moment. Boy am I tired!

FROM: abby normal
DATE: Sunday September 14, 2003 -- 9:12:24 pm
had a guy on our floor in college who would sleep walk a lot and end up doing weird things... like once he took opened up his dresser, took a leak all over his clothes and then went back to bed.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday September 14, 2003 -- 10:21:29 pm
jk: You did tell the story already, but it's all good. Get some rest.

And some gelato. ;)

FROM: jk
DATE: Sunday September 14, 2003 -- 10:44:42 pm
I knew it! I have many circles of communication in my life yet I distinctly remembered typing the store.

FROM: jk
DATE: Sunday September 14, 2003 -- 10:45:54 pm
story. Paul and Ryan need to make me and Dave W emergency editors who can fix typos AND fill in when one of them is missing. Just think of all the dairy-related pings!

FROM: towinlovinit
DATE: Monday September 15, 2003 -- 1:46:52 am
Right after the death of a close family member, I remember finding myself at 4 am in the back of a police car. I had left the house and was found walking down the middle of the street. I was 7 years old. I never remembered how I got there. That happened 2 times and then that was it. Never had a problem with it since. Now I just talk in my sleep and even will answer questions.

FROM: Rob [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday September 15, 2003 -- 9:39:47 am
I can't remember how old I was at the time... I'm pretty sure I was in my early teens, but I don't remember the exact age. Anyhow... my family was visiting Disney World. Since we were doing it as cheaply as possible, I was sharing a bed with my older brother and my younger brothers were sharing one. Apparently (and I actually remember a bit of the dream), I was dreaming that I was on a ride and standing up. Well... I guess I was standing straight up on the bed (which is odd, given my balance). My brother kept telling me to sit down, but I kept refusing (this all ended up in the dream). Weird.

FROM: Ace High
DATE: Tuesday September 16, 2003 -- 5:51:49 pm
As far as I know, I have never known a sleepwalker. I do know that there have been cases of sleepwalkers killing someone while sleepwalking and being found not guilty.

FROM: MollyCule
DATE: Wednesday September 17, 2003 -- 5:03:55 pm
I talk in my sleep on a near nightly basis (occasionally I'll even wake myself up) But I haven't sleepwalked since the time 4 years ago when I almost put my arm through the glass panels in my front door because I was trying to get away from the monsters.

FROM: Hyams11
DATE: Monday October 27, 2003 -- 1:20:30 pm
I have had numerous sleepwalking incidents in my life. Anywhere from simple things like waking up in the basement when i started to sleep upstairs to what happened this last Saturday night. I rented a Jaquise (spelling?) suite at a local hotel. When we finally went to sleep i was out. Woke up the next morning still in bed remembering a wierd dream vaguely. APPARENTLY i got out of bed at around 2a.m. and left the room. Another person right next door left his door open, i walked into his room and tried to go to sleep in his bathtub. Whereing nothing but a pair of boxers.
Theres a story for ya. They must have gotten me back into my room cause i sure don't remember anything.

FROM: Chris (Scotland)
DATE: Monday November 10, 2003 -- 12:53:49 pm
My parents were sitting watchin tv one night after putting the kids to bed when they heard this weird sound behind the livingroom door. Apparently I had decided that the top of the stairs was a pretty decent alternitive to take a pee rather than the prefered toilet method. They continue to ridicule me for this which is fair enough seeing as my Dad had to battle up the stairs struggling to avoid my fire! I have no recollection of this whats so ever except my Mum asking me some random question (her technique of keeping me calm while trying to guide me back to bed)like what i wanted for breakfast or something and i said cornflakes! i hate cornflakes man!

FROM: amanda(california)
DATE: Monday November 17, 2003 -- 8:48:41 pm
hi i am an eighth grader and was wondering if anybody has a REALLY exciting/dramatic story of when they were sleepwalking..i need the date and the story emailed to me at

ps please keep it at an eighth grade level of maturity

thank you, amanda

DATE: Friday December 5, 2003 -- 7:19:06 pm

FROM: creepy
DATE: Friday December 5, 2003 -- 7:19:23 pm
once when i was sleepwalking, i was pacing back and forth my sister came up to me and tapped me on the shoulder and i turned and screamed at her

FROM: krusty
DATE: Thursday February 12, 2004 -- 4:54:21 pm
One time I was having this dream that I was playing tag with the neighbor kids. In my dream I was 'it' and all the kids had run through the back door of my garage to escape. They locked the door, or was holding it shut so that I couldn't get through to tag them. Well, in real life I had actually gotten out of bed, walked through my house, into the garage and was tugging on the back door trying to get through. My sister and my mom came into the garage and asked me what I was doing. I turned around and yelled, "They won't let me in!" In the process of yelling at my family I woke myself up and stomped back to bed; still mad that they wouldn't let me through, even though it was only a dream.

DATE: Monday March 8, 2004 -- 10:24:27 pm

FROM: kriddle
DATE: Saturday February 19, 2005 -- 5:25:49 pm
I once was sleepwalking two hours after I went to bed, and went into the living room. My mom had fallen asleep on the couch, and I woke her up and told her that we needed to go to bed. She said "you'v been in bed for two hours!" and then I went back to bed. Interesting eh?

FROM: Perki
DATE: Monday April 4, 2005 -- 6:32:31 am
I tried to buy a newspaper from the newsagent at 5 am completely naked, I was very grateful that he took me back to my front door about 300 yards away and rang the doorbell, my boyfriend took me back to bed and took great delight in telling me all about it in the morning. It is quite rare for girls to sleepwalk but I have to admit not feeling special about it. I do now wear something to bed just in case, better safe than so very sorry. lol

FROM: Shelby
DATE: Monday May 9, 2005 -- 3:01:27 pm
Once I went into my bathroom and took the rug and hid it behind my T.V. while asleep. Then I apparently went to my parents room and told them we needed a new bathroom floor.

FROM: Lisa
DATE: Monday May 9, 2005 -- 9:56:52 pm
I was in the stairway sleepwalking downstairs when my brother was trying to stop me and make me go back to my room, but I kept telling him we needed a new doorknob and I punched him in the stomach because he wouldn't listen to me!

FROM: Allison
DATE: Monday June 27, 2005 -- 12:19:04 am
I have two kind of alarming stories from when I was little. The first time I remember sleepwalking (or being told about it) was when I was being dragged out of a sleepbath! I had apparently sleepwalked to the bathroom, ran a bath, gotten out of my clothes, and taken a bath! My mom, who got home very late back then (night shift) heard me when she came home. Thank goodness she was up, because I might never have woken up from that dream!
Another time I was competing in a piano competition at a ritzy resort hotel. I was underprepared and really stressed- so I walked out of the room unknowingly! Fortunately, my aunt got hold of me before I went too far.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Monday June 27, 2005 -- 1:51:41 pm
I'm sleepreading right this very moment.

DATE: Saturday July 16, 2005 -- 12:51:28 am
I remember almost every episode of sleep walking. I feel i am still in a dream and go about actually living the dream and i do things like call people up crying, attack people that arnt there and talk to people that arn't there. I can get into deep conversations with people and i remember it all! And then i "wake up" confused about where i am and what i'm doing even though i remember it because it feels like a dream you have woken up from! I do not rememebr night terrors though. People tell me about them and all i do is scream, cry or yell but i do not get up or walk. It is so hard to explain unless you have actually exprienced it. I am 14 and i have been experiencing night terrors, sleep walking and sleep talking since i was a very young toddler. I am now starting to wonder if what i see at night is a dream as from what i have read and reasearched these types of things should of ended after a few months or a year and i shouldnt be able to rememebr them! If anyone can inform me on anything or any experiences please do as i am so confused!

FROM: I\'m Back sept,17 05
DATE: Wednesday July 27, 2005 -- 7:15:59 pm
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all (@) (@) on Me

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday July 28, 2005 -- 9:22:17 am
all (@) (@) on Me

All boobies on you?

FROM: matthew
DATE: Friday August 5, 2005 -- 6:02:23 am
hello my name is matthew and im 12 yrs old, i have been tolled i have sleepwalked 2 times. the 1st i was on holiday.i walked into my mum and dads room and said were are my mum said why. i said im going for a run.she then led me back to bed were i waked up when my head hit the pillow. WIERD!.. the 2nd.
i was on holiday again but my mum and dad had split up (i was on holidau with my dad) when i came into my dads room and fell asleep on the floor next to him and barked like a dog :-S

FROM: Sonya
DATE: Tuesday September 20, 2005 -- 7:45:28 pm
This is sorta emberassing but when I was 17 years old I must have been sleepwalking because when I woke up the next morning all my legs were full of bumps and razor burns. I must have shaved my legs because I was full of small cuts everywhere.

FROM: Ashlee
DATE: Sunday October 30, 2005 -- 3:26:39 am
my sister usually came in my bedroom and turned my light on. i'd tell her to turn it off and she'd asky why. so i'd say because and shes turn it off and storm away back to bed. One time my siser fell asleep and it was like 2am and i was still awake and she walked past my room and i wa slike ok, shes prob going ot the loo, but then som time later iheard the shower running. i was kidna worried at this stage and walked out to have a look, she had left the door open and i'd call her name and asked her what shes doign and she didnt answer. i looked in and she was in the shower with her clothes on. i waited for her to get out and she got out soaking wet with a towel around her waist(and her clothes on) and she walked straight back to bed and didnt even look at me, and acted as if i didnt exist. i laughed and went back to bed. i told her everythign while we were both pissing ourselves, and she had to have a shower again because her hair wasnt washed properly, it still had shampoo nd conditioner in it. and her clothes well they and her bed were soaking.

FROM: Charles
DATE: Monday November 21, 2005 -- 1:30:10 am
I am a frequent sleepwalker. In most of my episodes I simply get up and walk around untill I see someone in my family. They tell me that usually I just talk nonsense and get pretty frustrated when they don't take me seriously. Recently though I've had a interesting walk so I decided to share it.
In the Middle of the night I was having a dream where I was in the first floor of a building and I was with someone in a room (I don't remember who this was). I remember feeling like I really needed to get out of the room fast. I immediatley started running and smashing my body into my bedroom window. It took me three tries before I broke the mechanism that kept the window closed. Luckily I stoped and didn't try to bodyslam the open window :) Total damage: broken window lever, broken window screen, broken blinds, a new record in my sleepwalking history.

FROM: joe
DATE: Sunday November 27, 2005 -- 7:08:35 am
i once had a freaky sleepwalk,
my parents told me the morning after that i got out of my bed,
walked downstairs,
opened the bin and took a leak in it,
closed it,
my mum asked me what in the world i was doing and i said
"i put fuel in the machine to regenerate the space ship!"
freaky or what!

FROM: James
DATE: Sunday November 27, 2005 -- 7:10:49 am
my dad sleep walks, i once saw him unlock the backdoor go out side open the shed get the lawnmower out and mow the lawn!!!!

FROM: Jordan
DATE: Sunday November 27, 2005 -- 7:14:59 am
my best mate sleepwalked while we were on holiday,
it was 2:00am in the morning and my mates family were on the way back to thier tent, my mate was half asleep(or fully asleep as i later learned)
he turned round walked b into my tent and started hugging my dad!?!?!
in the morning he was embarassed as i told him about the whole incident! :D

FROM: azcaz
DATE: Thursday December 1, 2005 -- 5:45:49 pm
ok well i know this guy who lived with his girlfriend (big deal) and she told me that once she woke to find him standing on the bed messing about with the light shade. When she asked him what he was doing he said that he was trying to change the lightbulb(?!). The second time he sat up straight in bed and said "youve got to have a profesional attitude".
Why? How?

FROM: ace
DATE: Friday December 16, 2005 -- 11:53:30 pm
iv never sleptwalked before but i read about it it sounds cool

FROM: ace
DATE: Saturday December 17, 2005 -- 9:50:31 pm
talk tell some storys guys they sound cool

FROM: secret dude
DATE: Tuesday January 17, 2006 -- 1:36:42 am
dont get stressed out and dont becmeboardu may sleep talk my friend does

FROM: lib
DATE: Monday March 13, 2006 -- 9:31:56 am
well i sleep walk and sleep talk a lot! the past couple of years ive woken up multiple of times finding myself thinking it was time for school and getting ready and im downstair getting brekky and here i am in the kitchen eating and its 3 am!!! i do it all the time. there is this one i dont remember at all that my dad told me. last year it was like 1 am and he heard some rummaging coming from my room...i come out dressed in some party clothes and hes like, "where are you going?" and i say, "to a party, be back around 5." he said, "uhhh no, go back to bed." i say, "OK!". and i woke up that morning and found clothing all over my room...and my dad told me the whole story. i still don't remember doing any of that.

FROM: Trinn
DATE: Sunday March 26, 2006 -- 8:52:47 pm
When I was eight, my family took a trip to Disney World. My mom is afraid of flying, so we had to drive from Michigan to Florida. I decided to pull an allnighter right before the trip so that I could sleep in the car. The next night, in our hotel suite, I got up in the middle of the night, got dressed, went to my parents' room, woke my mom up, and asked her what she wanted. When she said that she didn't call me, I ran to the balcony door and started pounding and yelling "They won't let me out! They won't let me out!" Then I turned araound and headed back to bed. I don't remember a single moment of this.

I thought it would interest you to know that sleep walking and talking usually has nothing to do with dreams and actually takes place in the time between when you fall asleep and when you begin REM, the dream state. Its common causes are stress and sleep deprivation.

FROM: canned soup sandwich
DATE: Sunday March 26, 2006 -- 9:41:11 pm
my friend talks in his sleep he called me a fuck chewer in his sleep.....

one of my Dads friends ate a slice of pizza when he put it under his nose He relly satup and ate it but when he told him about it (When he was awake) he did not remember.

sorry about the grammer XP

DATE: Monday March 27, 2006 -- 5:07:23 pm
Ha ha!

My friend told me he caught his mom trying to eat cigarette butts dipped in peanut butter in her sleep.

I once caught my cousing talking into my closet when he was staying with us for a weekend (we were both 8 years old then). I hope there wasnt' any monsters in there!

FROM: canned sandwiches & whole wheat soup
DATE: Monday May 1, 2006 -- 8:32:08 pm
when i was 7, my mom told me that a certain night b-4 she found out that i went throught the whole house, turned on all the lights and unlocked the backdoor. she caught me halfway through the yard heading to the neighbours. she asked me what i was doing and i said that the aliens are coming.(turns out i had watched a horror movie with aliens!.). Oooops!:S lol

FROM: sary
DATE: Monday June 26, 2006 -- 12:38:48 pm
my story of sleepwalking is weird a liittle bit. night at about 12:00 a.m. some how i walked into the living room............and my dad came in and said why arent you asleep and i said oh i just had a dream that the living room was haunted or something so i just came in to check it out................then i woke up saying oH Oh what happend was i sleep walking then my dad was all like yah you were and you were talking to me to. im like o.kayyyyyyyy. so when i woke up the next morning i remember every thing that happend and man i was asleep.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FREAKY......................

Jodie January 19, 2007, 3:08 pm

I suffer with sleepwalking,normally i dont mind cos everyone loves tellin me what iv done or about 70 % of the time i actually remember bits of the sleepwalking so its funny,but i hate it now!
Last nite i stayed round my boyfriends grandparents house,i went to sleep but at about 2.30am i decided to get up as i thought it was time for work,i then went and started to run a bath…
The next thing i remember getting up about 2:50 and i go back into the bathroom and its flooded,still not really awake and convinced its work time i run and wake my boyfriend up,tellin him iv flooded the bathroom.
He tells me its 3 am wot am i goin on about,but i insist its work time.
It was terrible,id flooded the bathroom and the kitchen too and i didnt even realise till i looked at the clock and it all started to sink in what was going on.
It was terrible,i feel totally awfull but it was out of my control.
Iv hurt myself from sleepwalking before,scared my friends and boyfriend,made people laugh but now iv actually ruined someones bathroom and there was nothing i could do to stop it.

jace March 3, 2007, 6:32 am

awww thats not 2 great, but look on the bright side u dident drown

Skye March 28, 2007, 9:24 pm

In my sleepover my friend who hates ;ink and loves black fell asleep first. So me and my other friends decided to paint her nails (and toe nails) pink. We did it and she started to get up. She stood up, and we started to0 say “Harley, your nails are pinks! HOT pink!” She didn’t respond. We started to yell almost, and she stretched and sat on her sleeping bag. She mumbled “dumbasses” and went to sleep. When she woke up, she didn’t remember it (and didn’t beleive she woke up) and insulted us throughly.

Another time, I got up and walked down my hallway. My mom stopped me and woke me up. I woke up standing, and didn’t know what to say when she asked “what are you?” I felt like i needed to get something out of the kitchen, but I didn’t know what, so… I made up something quickly to stay out of trouble. I said “I needed excercise.” Not my best excuse -.-‘

THC June 17, 2007, 12:24 am

so the night before this incident, I was at a party drinking, had a little under a 5th of makers and a coulpe of beers. I am used to consuming ths much alcohol cause i am a college student, but needless to say I was feeling good. Earlier that morning I had a final at 8, so i only got 2 hrs of sleep the night before (later i found that alcohol and lack of sleep can enduce sleepwalking). When i got back to my house I turned on the Tv and went to bed around 2-230. the next night a was talking to one my room mates( which is a girl, im not). we started reminiscing about the night before, and she said, Do you remember what you did last night? I said no, what? She said around 5am she woke up to find me beside her. she said, this isnt your bed. I said, Oh, can i just sleep here. She said no and started screaming, hitting and kicking me, pushed me out of her bed, which is only a mattress on the floor, and i guess i walked back in my room and got back in bed. As far as I know this is my only sleepwalking experience i have had, I dont rembember it at all. when she first started telling me about it i asked her if she was lying. and the thing that I find the strangest is that i didnt wake up when she was hitting and kicking me. Pretty crazy, but it gets even better, later that night i remember I had a dream that I was in my bed with my x girl friend laying on my chest. So this dream could have promted it, or maybe I dreamt it after i went in her room. Sleepwalking is CRAZY and interesting.

Clo September 28, 2007, 8:24 am

One time i was asleep on the sofa nd my mum told me 2 go 2 bed but as i walked 2 my room i was still half asleep and i walked upstairs in2 my brothers room lol..then i woke up..apparently i woz sayin gibberish stuff 2 my brother lol.weird isn’t it??

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