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March 2nd, 2005

An Ode to the Post-It Brand Note

Certainly one of my favorite inventions is the Post-It Brand Note (which I am writing without the trademark symbol, but would place here if I felt like it.) The Post-It Note is great. I use one nearly every day: I write notes, more notes, and instructions on them. And on occasion I doodle on them.

But there’s one thing I must confess: at home, I use my computer’s Stickies program way more than Post-It Brand Notes. Way more. It’s a great cross between a formal note-taking program and a word processor… and there’s no residue. But I can’t doodle on them.

I still feel the Post-It is one of my favorite office supplies, right up there with the stapler, the paper clip, and those big binder clips (which are also great at stopping runny noses.) Viva la Post-It Brand Note!

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