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September 21st, 2003

Last Memory

It’s a bit of a challenge to recall your first memory, but what about your last – your most recent?

I remember loading up the dishwasher. And it was good.

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FROM: jk
DATE: Sunday September 21, 2003 -- 12:27:35 pm
My most recent memory is of savoring a piece of German chocolate; my dad brought some back in March and I have been rationing it. It's nugat, which is not what you are thinking of. Nugat in Europe is essentially hazelnut puree , it is verrrrrrrrry good.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Sunday September 21, 2003 -- 1:54:05 pm
I remember reading the Ping I just read, but I wish I would forget it.

FROM: Greg C.
DATE: Monday September 22, 2003 -- 3:04:58 am
It keeps changing! Reading the word "good." Reading the word "good" again. Reading the word "it". But then it gets all weird because my last memory is typing the the last letter, so let's try to keep up.

Return. . . . . . .

Great, it doesn't last very long, because my last memory always ends up being the period.


FROM: Ace High
DATE: Tuesday September 23, 2003 -- 6:50:31 pm
My last memory is playing a computer game on the internet.

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