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September 24th, 2003

Any Good Books Lately?

Last week, I needed to get my car’s front brakes fixed. That left me with a lot of time to sit around and either do nothing, watch a fuzzy TV, or read a book. So, I chose to read.

I am not a big reader, I must admit, when it comes to books. I read many more magazines and online thingies than actual books. But I was able to get sucked in quite easily. The book? Word Freak, by Stefan Fatsis. I’ve had it sitting around for a while, and didn’t get into it the last time I tried to read it. But now that I’m mostly done with the book, I’ve found it to be highly entertaining.

Without turning this into the Ping Book Club (which is coming once we ink an exclusive deal with Dr. Phil and Ellen), have you read anything good lately?

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