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September 30th, 2003


If there’s anything I dislike, it’s coordinating paint colors. Thankfully, Behr came out with a little doodad called ColorSmart. It lets you choose colors for, presumably, your room or house and voila! You’re on Trading Spaces!

It’s a pretty nifty tool, actually. My only concern is, how do I know the colors on screen will match the colors on my walls? This isn’t an exact science, especially considering the majority of computer monitors out there.

I never knew that lime green could “go” with burnt sienna. Who knew?

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Nicole Mellott February 23, 2009, 4:54 pm

I am back to say that my mother the one in Cheyenne Wyoming that was loosing her house to a county library did loose her house. The library that was built there is ugly and I have never stepped foot in it, for i believe it should have never been put up. They took my mothers house for lower then the house was worth, just because they could, ruined my parents everything. There credit was bad, my dad lost his job, so they were unable to get another house. Which they didnt want to do to begin with. Well now they have moved away from me to find a job, and they had to buy a trailer which my mother hates, she is petrified to live in trailers, because of the city of Cheyenne were liars and jerks. In fact my mother really started going down hill, the hatred and the depression of this happening was so hard on her. She never ate and started smoking more and more. By the month of December she was getting so bad off that my father forced her to finally go to the hospital on Christmas Day, and my mother was dieing. She had about 15% oxygen in her entire body. She did quit smoking, and so did me and my father, and today is doing ok.. But she is still trying to come home.. She has no faith in wyoming for not protecting her. She is going to try and sell her mobil home so she can try and come home.. All i have to say, when they took all these properties, it hurt people so badly that some of the tenants in the area died when the home was taken, some just went into deep depression. It is a sad thing to do and i hope that the commisioners and the librarian are happy. The librarian was the rudest woman ever, and stated she didnt care what happened. I just wanted to update on this incident. It is really sad that this can happen and how much they take advantage of someone who can not afford a lawyer. Our Government is disgusting to always let this happen.

Ryan February 26, 2009, 3:29 pm

Did they city of Cheyenne use the Behr ColorSmart application when they were painting the new library?

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