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October 17th, 2003

Tree Service People Are the Scum of the Earth

No, they’re not really. I just wanted to get your attention.

The other night I came home and the sole tree in our backyard had a branch that had split and was peeling. The branch (a “top,” in arborists’ lingo) was leaning over and touching our house and was potentially a problem. So I called around to a number of tree service places and arborists… you know that I left four or five messages… it’s like none of them had receptionists. On top of that, only one person called me back. The rest of them didn’t even bother. I don’t understand how someone can simply not return a call, especially when there’s a job involved!

In any event, I ended up paying $550 for them to climb up and cut down this branch. I’ve never had this done before… does this seem like a lot? It did to me, but I also understand that the insurance these companies must carry must be astounding.

In any event, I came across a few informative sites along the way and I learned a bit about tree service. For instance, you should never allow a tree service to “top” your tree… no arborist worth their salt would ever do it since it does nothing but damage to the tree. The things you learn…

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FROM: Monica
DATE: Friday October 17, 2003 -- 10:30:43 am
my parents had a tree (or 2?) fall over during the whole Isabel thing, snd I think that's how much it cost them to have the trees/debris removed (or price per tree). So your price might be kinda high. :-(

FROM: Tina
DATE: Friday October 17, 2003 -- 10:40:40 am
What, no pics of your house?

FROM: Dave
DATE: Friday October 17, 2003 -- 11:12:44 am
Speaking of people not calling back.. I need to have my rain gutters cleaned out on my town house. I have called 3 or 4 different companies I have found in local advertisements and not one of them have called me back. As with the tree services, none of them had receptionists either... LOL

FROM: Chris
DATE: Friday October 17, 2003 -- 9:30:45 pm
Put a classified ad in the Leesburg Today - free firewood, oak (or whatever) you cut and haul. I did this in GA when an oak tree with a truck 12 ft around and saved the $2000 it would have cost to have the tree professionally removed.

Or you could have your wife climb up there with a saw. We know how you feel about heights.

FROM: jk
DATE: Friday October 17, 2003 -- 9:53:54 pm
Bizarre but true: this morning, a major section of a 100+ year old mulberry tree fell in front of my parents' house. Part of it had fallen ON the house during Isabel, leaving miraculously no damage.

Moral: do not build a house near an "interesting" huge, old tree. It's literally less than 10 feet from the house. My dad thinks that everyone in the world is out to rip him off and would not let my mom call the Tree People to come and look at it. They're waiting for free-lance beavers to come and haul it away.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday October 20, 2003 -- 11:04:05 am
Tina -- if you're curious enough, you can find a couple more pictures of the tree and the back of my house. :)

Thankfully, it didn't cause any damage to the house.

Something interesting I learned: my homeowner's insurance doesn't cover this type of thing if it was wind that damaged the tree. It would have covered it if it was caused by lightning or... get this... a vehicle.

Chris -- you're the second person to make a joke about my unease with heights. :)

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