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October 25th, 2003

Tight Sheets

I’m not one of those people that needs their sheets tucked in all the way around the bed to be comfortable, but let me tell you, if the bottom part of the sheet comes untucked and my feet fly free, I’ll go berserk. Am I alone in needing the bed sheet to be tucked in all the way around the bottom?

I remember seeing a product a few years ago I wish I had purchased: attachments for the corner of your bed to keep your bedsheet in place. A quick search of Linens-n-Things and Bed Bath & Beyond didn’t turn anything up.

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SheetSuspenders December 2, 2009, 10:50 pm

try the Original Sheet Suspenders.


David December 21, 2010, 3:20 pm

try sheet suspenders. Although they are made mostly for the bottom sheet, they are adjustable so you could take one of the straps and go from one side to the other down at your feet clipping them to the top sheet instead of the bottom sheet. They are the best ones made, made with suspender clips and the heaviest elastic available for this type product.


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