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October 27th, 2003

Stairs or Elevator?

A quick Ping Poll:

For a distance you’re physically able to climb the stairs, if you have a choice: stairs or elevator?

These days, I’m about half-and-half. I used to be strictly elevator, but eventually I migrated to use of the stairs more frequently. I’ll often opt for the elevator if I’m talking with someone who’s going to take it or if I’m feeling particularly slothy.

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FROM: Kate
DATE: Monday October 27, 2003 -- 9:32:32 am
It depends on what I'm carrying and what is at the top. I don't want to go to a job interview sweaty and winded, but if I'm just at a mall or something, the stairs are less crowded.

FROM: Chris
DATE: Monday October 27, 2003 -- 9:37:22 am
I work on the 5th floor - I'd happily use the stairs going up all the time - the elevators are painfully slow. But they keep the stairwell doors locked - got keep the DC homeless out of the building I guess. You can go down the stairs (which I always do) but not up them.

FROM: Monica
DATE: Monday October 27, 2003 -- 10:30:16 am
I work on the 13th floor, so I usually don't go up and down that whole stretch.But going to the dept. office on the 8th floor via stairs (and back) is okay.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday October 27, 2003 -- 10:32:24 am
Half and half. I work on the 7th floor and have yet to take the stairs here, but also like knowing I could if I needed to do so.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday October 27, 2003 -- 10:41:19 am
Hrm - No one has mentioned the illegitimate cousin of the stairs, the escalator. I personally love the escalator, but I will walk up the escalator, not to be a total lazy bum.

On the fun side, when you walk up the escalator, it feels like you are moving really fast. If you want exercise, run up the DOWN escalator.

FROM: towinlovinit
DATE: Monday October 27, 2003 -- 11:01:21 am
I prefer the stairs. How else can one get exercise. The elevator is fine if I have a bunch of young ones with me, otherwise if I can I love the escalator.

FROM: jk
DATE: Monday October 27, 2003 -- 12:19:20 pm
I don't really have to make the decision on a regular life is very flat? Seriously though, 20 years of running and figure skating made my knees very angry, so I would opt for the elevator if it were a frequent choice that I had to make.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday October 27, 2003 -- 5:51:06 pm
Definitely the stairs if I have two or one flights to travel.

I have another related topic: Do you ever use the big buttons for handicapped folks that automatically open doors? I am disgusted to see able-bodied people use them at my building. The way I see it, you have to do simple things like open doors with your own hands as a blessing to your ability to do so.

FROM: jk
DATE: Monday October 27, 2003 -- 10:44:38 pm
Oh no, no big buttons. That's just wrong. I always look at people parked in the handicapped space with contempt when they don't have the i.d. tag.

My mom qualifies for a handicapped space but refuses to use it because of getting her car dinged. I raised her well!

FROM: Matt
DATE: Monday October 27, 2003 -- 11:08:49 pm
I am a strictly stairs guy if it's a reasonable distance.

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