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November 15th, 2003

Dawn Power Dish Brush: The Newest Useless Product

There are plenty of useless products out there, but when I saw a commercial for the Dawn Power Dish Brush, I realized that a nadir had been reached in the kitchen cleaning industry.

Let’s immediately dispense with the obvious comparisons to… well, look at the picture and you’ll know. I’d rather not say it in mixed company.

Now, let’s discuss the utter uselessness of the product. What is this little device and what does it have to offer? Basically, it’s a dishwashing brush with batteries. Yup, that’s pretty much it. Keep in mind that you still have to hold this brush, it’s just that it… vibrates… for you.

Now, I can show a little tolerance towards stupid products that are made to satiate the truly lazy, but good Lord, if you have enough motivation to stand at the sink and wash dishes, are you really going to save much energy or effort by letting the brush vibrate instead of doing a little bit of scrubbing on your own? And is it really going to do a better job? How does the fact that it moves on its own help it clean corners better than a human could? I highly doubt this is worth the $8 it costs plus the four AA batteries required to power it.

Now if they had a vibrating toilet brush, that would be another story…

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FROM: towinlovinit
DATE: Saturday November 15, 2003 -- 3:25:11 am
Gee! just what I need. Another dish washer. My kids (who are portable dishwashers) are cheaper than that. And just think, they go where ever I go. Most of the time for just a few pennies a day, I can get my dishes washed. Just feed the kid a PB & J and they will work. Their batteries never run out.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday November 15, 2003 -- 8:06:17 am
Riiiiiight..."Dish Brush" can package that with those "Neck Massagers" and call it the "Ultimate Home Comfort" package.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday November 15, 2003 -- 9:48:09 am
I'm going to wait until they come out with the big, black 14" model.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Saturday November 15, 2003 -- 9:54:28 am
Oddly, that resembles the Good Grips Toilet Brush in more than one way. Of course, the toilet brush has no batteries.

You know, if you're going to buy a dish brush with batteries, maybe you should just get a dishwasher.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday November 15, 2003 -- 1:50:40 pm
Actually, I would buy a toilet brush with batteries. The farther away I can be from a dirty toilet, the better.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Saturday November 15, 2003 -- 4:55:24 pm
You may want to start by shitting in the woods from now on.

FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday November 16, 2003 -- 9:41:56 am
And us guys wil be totally confused by our mates new found willingness to spend 45 minutes washing the dishes each evening.

DATE: Sunday November 16, 2003 -- 6:15:00 pm

FROM: Larry Bellinger
DATE: Sunday November 16, 2003 -- 6:17:52 pm
You'd have to try washing dishes with Parkinson's Disease to know how useful this device can be to some people. It cuts my dishwashing time in half.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday November 17, 2003 -- 9:30:16 am
Well, I've gotta say... that comment will shut me up.

FROM: Marcus Mackey
DATE: Tuesday November 18, 2003 -- 7:59:46 am
::scratchin' chin::

One side of me agrees with Ryan, as obviously it does seem a bit foolish to say the least. But...

::looking at my battery operated toothbrush::

Butttt.... I can see where the idea came from, and I can see that in some fashion it could work better than conventional unpowered devices that urge for elbow grease to get the productivity going. Especially when you're dealing with hard to reach areas and/or dealing with someone who lacks physical strength or dexterity. For them, this would be a tremendous asset I could see. Sort of like Good Grips items are great for the arthritic, as that's what they were designed in large part for anyhow.

Granted, vibrating vs. rotating bristles, I'd wager to say that the vibrating isn't going to be near as effective. Although I can see where rotating bristles could work in hard to reach areas in a complex shaped pan where something oozy could seep into during the cooking process.


I do have to think thought that a complex-shaped pan for cooking would be counter productive to the process though. It's not that this is a great idea for a bad situation(s), it's that the one thing needing the better design work is probably the pan not the brush.

Either way, it's a lot cheaper than a dishwasher, and for those lacking the necessary dexterity, strength, or stamina... it's better to have an option out there that makes things easier, than to have no option... especially if you can't afford a dishwasher (elderly person on a limited budget, living alone in an apartment, perhaps arthritic).

Could say that's a dimunitive marketshare, but calculate the average Baby Boomer's age and you can see where this is heading. It's not a bad idea, although I'm sure there's a more effective option, or a better designed bowl to be had that'd save dexterity, strength, and stamina by being easy enough to clean with a cheap manual brush. Cost is negligible in that arena really if you think about it in the short term(new bowl vs. power brush) 'til you add up the battery costs over the long haul.

FROM: marilyn wilson
DATE: Monday November 24, 2003 -- 11:34:14 pm

FROM: Eileen
DATE: Friday November 28, 2003 -- 5:55:48 pm
Everyone does not own a dishwasher. Am putting this on my Christmas list. Will probably use it more on my glassware.

FROM: Linda
DATE: Saturday November 29, 2003 -- 12:44:31 pm
Maybe half the reason you men think this is stupid Idea is because you have WOMEN TO WIAT ON YOUR LAZY BUTTS!

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday November 29, 2003 -- 2:27:33 pm
Umm...women waiting on my lazy butt is a bad thing?

I say keep women where they belong, in the kitchen! Naked and barefoot!

(I knew there was a reason I'm single. ;p)



Yeah, I was being sarcastic...chuckle, chuckle, everyone...

FROM: Paul McAleer
DATE: Saturday November 29, 2003 -- 4:10:50 pm
Maybe half the reason you men think this is stupid Idea is because you have WOMEN TO WIAT ON YOUR LAZY BUTTS!

What does WIAT have to do with any of this? They play great jazz!

FROM: Paul
DATE: Saturday November 29, 2003 -- 4:11:17 pm
By the way, I figured I'd put my last name in there just so you didn't forget it. That's right.

FROM: Lucille Duball
DATE: Saturday November 29, 2003 -- 7:46:02 pm
Maybee iff Autha wood du tha dishez, I woodn't need thiz thang. Maybe I'll stop feeding himm. Or I'll stuff thet Dawn brush in hiz mowth. Thet'll shut himm up.

FROM: Crysta
DATE: Sunday November 30, 2003 -- 8:54:04 pm
For the person who was looking for the toilet vibrator, I mean cleaner, they now make one of those two. It is the Lysol Ready Brush. It is almost exactly the same thing, only it shoots foam out of the "head".

It sounds like a good product, if you don't clean your toilet for so long that a regular toilet brush just doesn't cut it. I just wouldn't want my grandmother to peer under my bathroom sink and see one of these. She'd probably faint.

FROM: Clara
DATE: Sunday November 30, 2003 -- 11:34:49 pm
I am glad I read all of your comments
regarding the power brush. After reading them you all have made me feel like a real jerk for ever even considering to get one. Thanks for opening my eyes. I was going to get
alot of them as Xmas presents. DUH!!

FROM: Tiffany
DATE: Thursday December 4, 2003 -- 6:25:06 pm
After reading all of the article and the comments I no longer want one. I thought it would be a easy way to clean baby bottles but I guess not.

I am getting the lysol toilet brush because I hate cleaning toilets and I will try anything that claims to make that quicker and easier and no one, I mean no one can stop me.

FROM: Renee M
DATE: Saturday December 6, 2003 -- 4:26:20 pm
I have RSD in my hand and am prone to dropping heavy dishes & pans. I thought this sounded like just the thing to help make me more independent even with a husband willing to wash the dishes!

FROM: anna s
DATE: Sunday December 7, 2003 -- 11:08:02 am
Yes, it seems like a completely superfluous product -- if you are a fully abled person. Which is obviously the situation of the fortunate person writing this editorial. However, there are plenty of adults--especially older ones--with limited hand strength and mobility for whom this product seems extremely practical (I was looking to get one for my mother and a search yielded this site!). I am hoping that your product reviewer considers the diversity of consumers (i.e., people) out there in his next piece.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday December 7, 2003 -- 11:58:43 am
I've been thinking about this and it might have been better if they marketed this specifically towards those with RSD or other physical disorders that made washing dishes difficult. But that wasn't mentioned anywhere in the ads I saw -- it was just made to look like a product for lazy men and women who couldn't be bothered to move their wrists.

DATE: Monday December 8, 2003 -- 7:38:18 am

FROM: Cara
DATE: Tuesday December 9, 2003 -- 9:43:54 pm
You're right, plenty of men are lazy. Although some are work too much. I think that this brush thingy would work good for those with disabilities. However, if I had a husband who wouldn't do the dishes period. I wouldn't buy one I would make him do it. I say guys need to live for a couple hundred years the way women lived along time ago. Heck! Even take away their right to vote... It's not like most of them make good decisions anyway (like choosing abortion)

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday December 9, 2003 -- 11:45:34 pm
The power brush, abortion, it's all the same!

FROM: paulo
DATE: Wednesday December 10, 2003 -- 3:56:52 pm
This product is the kitchen equivalent of the electrically operated rotating tie-rack - its for people that are so scared of developing any muscle that they pay for trash like this, and they are gullible enough to believe it will still be waterproof enough to stop the batteries corroding two weeks after they get it out of its wrapping. I think the company were going for the 'lazy retard' end of the market rather than the 'vulnerable disabled' area- the former is much bigger! And men aren't all lazy - I once got up to tell my girl to get in the kitchen and scrub dammit! lol not true, honest.
And it looks like the illicit love child of a dildo and a toothbrush!!! GM rules!

FROM: John Rutland
DATE: Friday December 12, 2003 -- 7:16:59 pm
I believe that this is a truly ingenious product. Just look at the powered tooth-brushes. It's all about the Benjamin's and I'm sure Dawn will make several Million off of this!!

FROM: Brook
DATE: Wednesday December 17, 2003 -- 1:13:40 pm
At first I thought this contraption was the epitomy of laziness. But I bought it for my grandmother because she can't see very well and it helps her get into those hard to see and reach places. It gets food off that normally she wouldn't have seen. That's good news for all of us who eat over at grandma's every now and then.

FROM: Jerry
DATE: Friday December 19, 2003 -- 6:10:16 pm
You know what I hate? People who write reviews about things they don't actually use, and then try to force their opinions on others. And he's probably getting paid for it too. The brush doesn't vibrate, it rotates, and if the had even had made the effort to try one, he would have known that. And it may not be for everyone, but it helps my mother who is weak and has arthritis, but still insists on doing her dishes the old fashion way. I think the reviewer should either use the products he reviews, or get another job and quit misleading people. This is the last time I'll waste my time on this site. Period!

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday December 19, 2003 -- 7:55:23 pm
People who write reviews about things they don't actually use, and then try to force their opinions on others.

Yup. I forced you to come here and read through my article.

And he's probably getting paid for it too.

Yes, but the Anti-Dawn contingent.

And it may not be for everyone, but it helps my mother who is weak and has arthritis, but still insists on doing her dishes the old fashion way.

It would be nice if were marketed towards her, then, huh?

I think the reviewer should either use the products he reviews, or get another job and quit misleading people.

I'll start sending out my resume. My boss here sucks anyway.

This is the last time I'll waste my time on this site.

Adios, jerky.


Exclamation point!

FROM: vgates
DATE: Saturday December 20, 2003 -- 3:40:49 am
well... lets see... you put all the bad comments on the top of the page... hmmm. guess u never washed the dishes before... well- got news for ya- ANYTHING that helps.. helps... vibrating or not, if it helps, well, lets say vibrating helps, HELPS! ... and it does... i dont want to keep my hand (vibrating) in any glass let alone, a million glasses at my home... is worth every penny.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Saturday December 20, 2003 -- 10:43:14 am
well... lets see... you put all the bad comments on the top of the page...

That's how it works. We put all the bad comments at the top, and the good comments at that bottom. (That's why I'm posting this.)

well- got news for ya- ANYTHING that helps.. helps... vibrating or not, if it helps, well, lets say vibrating helps, HELPS! ... and it does... i dont want to keep my hand (vibrating) in any glass let alone, a million glasses at my home... is worth every penny.

This is the most fragmented sentence I've seen in some time.

But you fail to prove your point. That's great! You're already learning how to be a politician: just repeat what you think, without any insight or facts to back up your premise.

Ryan: you know Cascade is paying you off to write anti-Dawn articles. Fess up, G.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Saturday December 20, 2003 -- 10:44:11 am
By the way, I must admit I was tickled that Jerry thought this was a "review site" and that we were "forcing" opinions on people. That's just two steps away from the "free speech!" fallacy.

FROM: april
DATE: Saturday December 20, 2003 -- 1:59:08 pm
even if this is a stupid product, my husband will have one in his stocking because of all the worthless shit he has given me over the years!

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday December 21, 2003 -- 1:27:46 am
I nominate April's comment as the Best Comment of the Month for December 2003.

FROM: Barb
DATE: Monday December 22, 2003 -- 4:17:10 am
I really enjoyed reading the comments here.

I'm glad I use paper plates so I don't have to use this product.

I think this will sell anyway because it looks like a popular sex toy.
Maybe you can buy attachments for it?

It can serve a dual function.

FROM: Natalie
DATE: Monday December 22, 2003 -- 1:48:42 pm
I really want to buy one for my boyfriend. I can't find it anywhere. Can anyone help? I need the brush bad. Thanks

FROM: tim
DATE: Monday December 22, 2003 -- 3:24:29 pm
Im lazy.............I want one

FROM: Mr. Frenum
DATE: Wednesday December 24, 2003 -- 9:38:12 am
Wow, after reading all these comments, I definately want one! First of all, as someone had mentioned previously, everyone does not own a dishwasher. Plus, having your kids do dishes??? Please... I'm lucky if I can get the kids to even put their empty dishes and glasses into the sink yet alone wash them. For the price - I think this product can't be beat. All of you who think this product is useless are just jealous you don't have one. I'm going to run out to the stores today and buy one. Maybe I can also find the Lysol Toilet Brush while I'm at it.

P.S. This product isn't just for people with disabilities. It's also for people that are lazy (like me) and hate doing dishes. I mean - comon people!!! Do all of you who despise this product really enjoy doing dishes manually by hand??? Give me a break... You're all a bunch of hippocrites. If you enjoy doing dishes so much, come to my house and do mine! Ha ha ha. I have a sink full to keep you busy.

FROM: Divagrl
DATE: Wednesday December 24, 2003 -- 11:00:52 am
You, Ping-a-ling, have obviously
washed many dishes!!!

FROM: Paul
DATE: Wednesday December 24, 2003 -- 11:30:23 am
You, Ping-a-ling, have obviously
washed many dishes!!!

"Ping-a-ling" is about as clever as "Divagrl."

Happy holidays!

DATE: Thursday December 25, 2003 -- 5:12:19 pm

FROM: Jerry W McTaggart
DATE: Friday December 26, 2003 -- 8:21:25 am
I happen to be handicapped (one arm) and this brush will be a big help to me in removing dried milk and egg nog from the bottom of glasses. I consider dried egg nog to be the ultimate test of a product's cleaning ability.

DATE: Tuesday December 30, 2003 -- 12:59:29 am

FROM: Bill
DATE: Wednesday January 7, 2004 -- 8:08:54 pm
If you are lucky enough not to have someone in your family with severe arthritis then go ahead and laugh all you want you fools. I thank P&G for this product. I hope none of you ever really NEED to use the power brush.

DATE: Sunday January 11, 2004 -- 10:01:27 pm

FROM: Sizerp Sipper
DATE: Thursday January 15, 2004 -- 12:23:35 am
Ok, I'd hate to contradict you all, but the Dawn Power Dish Brush is a gift from heaven. I get so tired after scrubbing my dishes that i just have to pass out, but using the power dish brush takes a load of my hand. and when i'm done with cleaning teh dishes, i can clean my fishtank, if you know what i mean. its definately the housewifes best friend. it keeps the dishes clean which satisfies him, and really satisfies me. A+

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday January 15, 2004 -- 9:25:11 am
Ok folks, recap time:

1) If you have a disability, then this product is probably perfect for you. Use away with a Ping blessing.

2) For cleaning regular dishes, I could *possibly* see this being useful for cleaning really tall glasses and thermoses in those hard to reach spots. Again, the product is marketed poorly. The commercial shows the brush slowly getting stuck macaroni off a plate. Uh, how freaking hard is macaroni? How long has that plate been left out that you would need a motorized brush to help get two grains of macaroni off?


and when i'm done with cleaning teh dishes, i can clean my fishtank, if you know what i mean

Uhh..I've never heard it being called a fishtank before, but whatever gets you going...

FROM: Alex
DATE: Thursday January 15, 2004 -- 1:26:48 pm
fishtank . . . appropriately name by any nose . . .

FROM: jack
DATE: Friday January 30, 2004 -- 1:18:27 pm
Hey buy a dishwasher you say? umm dont the cost hundreds of dollars? doesnt this thing cost 10? want a toliet brush instead? umm take the thing to the bathroom and go wild. just leave it in the bathroom. maybe label it "for use on the crapper only"

FROM: good time girl
DATE: Saturday February 7, 2004 -- 9:26:48 pm
I want to buy it to just sit next to the dirty dishes already lying there.

FROM: maybe not for the able-bodied
DATE: Saturday February 21, 2004 -- 12:51:11 am
But very helpful for those whose hands don't work that well - either because of disease or disability. My elderly parents - one afflicted with Parkinson's, and one with arthritis -were delighted. It helps make at least one task easier, and lets them preserve that much more independence in getting through the day. I'm sure if you had given it just a little more thought, you would realize that for some, this product isn't quite as useless as it is for you.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday February 21, 2004 -- 6:26:43 am
...and I'm sure if you had actually read any of these comments, you'd see that this point has been made...3 months ago.


FROM: Sharon
DATE: Sunday March 21, 2004 -- 2:47:26 am
I would recommend using this brush for anybody who has problems using their hands or for the elderly to make the job of washing dishes easier. It will not go into a baby bottle but us older people do not wash out many baby bottles anymore so that is not a problem for us. The brush rotates and does not vibrate. I bought one yesterday and believe it to be a useful tool in washing dishes and for those who want to laugh about it, buy one and use it as a centerpiece on your dinner table and save it for your grandchildren as the novelty piece and talk at the dinner table maybe years down the road when you have grandchildren and great grandchildren about this wonderful gadget or masterpiece that Dawn made. Isn't modern technology wonderful? I always hated doing dishes, but now I just love to do them with my new Power Dawn Scrub Brush. Now I am going to go and Ping away at my dishes again. LOL

FROM: bb
DATE: Wednesday May 19, 2004 -- 1:00:02 pm
I want this item!
Where is it being sold?

I had it on my Christmas list, but my husband though it was a STUPID, STUPID thing! I'm not proud to say that!! He is usually better at figuring out the usefulness of things. I think it must be the way it was demonstrated in the commercials. They were showing someone using it on a flat plate if I remember. I did not communicate my intended use for it to my husband, so he just did not think I needed it. So needless to say I did not get one!

They were everywhere before Christmas. Even in the grocery stores. I pointed it out to my husband several time just days before Christmas. When I did not get one, I went back to the places I had seen them and they were gone. So, obviously they were a popular item.

When I first saw it on TV, I immediately thought it would be useful for cleaning out tall glasses and especially useful for cleaning out bird feeders. I had not even considered how useful it would be for someone with limited movement of their hands. WOW! That would really work for them!

For all you guys who are having a little fun with this, laugh on. Bet you wish you had come up with the idea!!! For anyone who seriously thinks this product is just for LAZY people, you either have no common sense or maybe just NO experience cleaning things around the house. Open your eyes, let your imagination loose.

If anyone finds a source for the Power Scrub Brush, please post it for everyone who really wants one!

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday May 19, 2004 -- 1:49:26 pm
Yeah, they're really hard to find.

FROM: Patti
DATE: Sunday May 23, 2004 -- 11:35:51 pm
Well, it seems that you are young, and healthy. I suffer from nerve damage, and am unable to exert and power, nor can I turn my wrist. The power brush does what I am unable to do, so for me it isn't useless.

FROM: heather
DATE: Thursday July 15, 2004 -- 12:29:32 am
go to Walmart I've seen them there.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday July 15, 2004 -- 9:11:32 am
What's this "Walmart" you speak of?

DATE: Saturday July 24, 2004 -- 2:41:44 pm
I just picked up one of these from a garage sale, because it was a quarter and they still had four Alkaline batteries in it. 25 cents for 4 batteries sounded good to me.

On the other hand? I can report that the device does *not* vibrate, it's merely a DC motor that spins.


DATE: Saturday November 19, 2005 -- 1:12:37 pm
I bought this gadget after my mastectomy because I wasn't supposed to make repeated movements with my arm, such as scrubbing dishes and pots. It was and is great. My husband likes it so much that he now offers to wash frying pans. We've used the spinning brush for two years; changed batteries twice and it works in and out of dishwater.

FROM: Doris Hollingsworth
DATE: Sunday March 19, 2006 -- 7:55:37 am
Howdy ya'll ! skipped all the messages after November. I have problems gripping -Arthritis ect Purchased the Dawn power scrubber summer "04 for $5 at HEB. LOVE It! Bought gifts for friends. Same response. Gets down in the bottom of cups and glasses. It could be more powerful, probably would be enough for the Mr if I could get him to help. Any way Gals don't listen to the men. It cost less than $10 and other than a little battery changing and some wd40 & replacing the brush, care free. I came on line cuz the HEB and Walmart didnt have it any mo and I was afraid mine might wear out & any way its not as pretty as it was. Useless??? Only if you don't use it. Any thing that makes my life easier is not useless. ****and the best thing my teenager thought it was fun!!!**** by the way men, I'm a telephone co repair tech since 1972. I use the drill instead of the screwdriver all I can, call me lazy ? I hope the gal who wanted this for Christmas got one for her own birthday...Who wouldnt spend $10 including extra brushes to see for themselves? Thank God for the much needed rain, even tho it'll mean lots of extra work for me.

FROM: Doris Hollingsworth
DATE: Sunday March 19, 2006 -- 8:25:18 am
OK, went back and read all messages. 'attagirl April!! ?Do I get paid for this ?My comments were Honest and sounds like at lot of folks agree. By the way, I'm not elderly or disabled. Haven't seen the tv ads yet. But see you can get this online now. One of you said Walmart. Guess I'll try again.
By the way pingers, I'm not responsible for the current Oil millionaires runnin my state and country either...I commute. And in Texas thats like driving thru three states elsewhere $$$. Who did vote for these parisites? I cant get anyone to confess. ?How 'bout that comment they we are addicted to petro ? Does this make them pushers?

FROM: Linda Smith
DATE: Tuesday April 4, 2006 -- 3:53:12 pm
You know.......this works really well for my son who has lost an arm. You can say all the ugly things you want but for us it is a help. Maybe you should think of the disabled.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday April 4, 2006 -- 7:42:34 pm
Maybe you should think of reading the last 2 and a half YEARS of comments that said the same damned thing.

wendi January 15, 2007, 6:58 pm

I bought a pack of replacement heads for $1 from my neighbor’s garage sale 7 months ago, never having ever heard of the thing. Thought it was just Dawn’s brand of a soap-filled scrub brush. figured I’d pick up the handle at Safeway for a couple bucks. The word “power” in the name didn’t tip me off that it was a battery-operated,scrubber. YEah, call me ignorant! My first clue should have been that she had about 150 of them that she’d been trying to sell on Ebay, and was now liquidating them, below cost, in her driveway! Well, I’ve kept my eyes open for a handle whenever I go shopping, and have never seen one yet.
I came across the unopened package again this morning while looking for a new sponge under my sink. With renewed determination I strode to my computer and Googled it. Your link intrigued me, so I checked it first. What a string of contradicting, yet intriguing, comments! Now, regardless of hassle or expense, I must find a handle, try it for myself, and *ping* you back to give my opinion. My quest in renewed. My one dollar investment shall be justified and my curiositiy satisfied. thank you for the needed inspiration.

wendi January 15, 2007, 8:02 pm

OK, screw it! I”ve called every retailer in my town, and nobody carries the handles! I’d have to pay a minimum of $8.49 on Ebay, (the least expensive online price), and then $2 – $4 extra in batteries. I think I will just get a regular cheapie $2.50 brush at Target and call it good.


PS Anyone out there want an unopened 2-pack of brush heads? They’re really cheap!!!

Sharon April 22, 2007, 4:29 am

I love the thing and would like replacement heads. Wendi–How can I get your unopened two-pack?

Michael June 18, 2007, 2:50 am

You people complaining about this brush really need something to do with your time. This brush actually works very well. I am a guy, and I like this product because I don’t own a dishwasher at the moment. The brush keeps my hands out of the dishwater and turning them into prunes, and it keeps me from having to wear gloves which I find very uncomfortable after a while. I also find this brush is great for cleaning the bathroom sink.

Al September 10, 2007, 5:14 am

OK so you guys do not like the power brush, I do! It does not vibrate -it rotates. I will also add that this thing uses a very well built DC motor and planatary gear set up to drive the brush. It is made to last —– and does. For what it is good for. Cleaning the bottom of those glasses with dried on milk in them and my pet Sugar Glider’s food boles that are always dried on. I use rechargable batteries in mine and since it has about the same motor in it as a battery screw driver , it almost can’t be stopped from turning . Useless product? Maybe if you are using it the way they did on TV!!!! Looked very stupid. Have you ever jambed you hand down into a glass trying to clean the bottom — broke it and got cut in the process? Well there you have it. the battery brush wins with me . I am going to find a couple of extras befor they are gone forever. Mine gets used a bit for something as we do the dishes every day.
Oh yah, 2 people don’t nned to run a dish washer for just a few items!!! Al G.

Al September 10, 2007, 5:29 am

I forgot to mention one thing about this brush. If you need more power (it is to easy to stop turning) Use rechargable batteries in it!!! You won’t stop it then! The motor is a voltage and current device. The speed the motor turns at comes from the voltage of the batteries and the stopping power (torque) come from how much current(amps) the batteries can supply. That is why most electric screw drivers use rechargable batteries in them. A normal AA sized alkiline battery may be good for about 1 amp for a short time but a rechargable AA battery can put out well over 20 amps for a short time before it gets very hot. Use rechargable batteries in your Dawn brush and you will be surpized at how much umph the little motor can put out to the brush!!! Al G.

steve bond March 17, 2008, 7:48 pm

This is the best thing that we’ve bought for the kitchen. Perfect for guys who don’t want to do it unless there’s a motor attached.

Bman March 18, 2008, 10:41 pm

This product is awesome. but i use it for my Fish tank as it is completely waterproof. The product does a great job getting into corners that would normally frustrate me! Useless for dishes? maybe Try thinking outside the box though.

gloria October 15, 2008, 1:43 am

I have had one of these brushes for about a year , it is great. It cleans pots fast and easy. Sadly I can no longer find the brushes in the stores, that is why i looking on the computer. MY daughter-in-law is crazy about my dawn brush. I am getting her one tonight. Too bad i have to order 10 of them….try it you will like the brush…..

Rich June 26, 2009, 2:52 am

OK I love the damn thing, the batterys are going and I can’t figure how to get to them. Does the top slide or screw off? I don’t want to break it.


bobalony December 7, 2009, 4:40 am

Great Product. I’m a strong guy, no injuries, I use it because I can rip through dried food like rice and egg yolk in a quarter of the time.
I modified one of the worn heads by sawing off all the bristles. I then glued a piece of velcro to it (hook end). Now I can use it to polish small things with a brilliance that was unobtainable before. A small piece of cloth stays in place and you can really lay into the motor. Great for the hobbiest.

hugo October 16, 2010, 8:08 am

I found this brush today at a thrift store, it still worked, but slowly, i knew it would be perfect for cleaner my coffee cups, that have hard stains, that take a lot of scrubbing to get out. We have many glasses that I won’t use because the bottom is stained. Also it can be used in the garage where cleaning is half the problem of working on cars. Getting into tight places that I could never reach before, I love it!

Now, why was this a useless product?

and the price is very reasonable!

just need to find more brush heads!

ilmarkll January 4, 2011, 7:01 pm

Being disabled and not able to generate the same amount of power for scrubbing, this has been a wonderful tool in both my kitchen and (a separate one for) my bathroom.

Juan Benito June 11, 2011, 3:37 pm

Yes, may be it is the most useless thing for many people, but it is unbelievable useful tool to clean the rims of the car. for that it is actually GRATE, the only problem is I can not find it any where any more, I gad checked all the store and the internet.


Joe Mama November 28, 2016, 12:57 pm

Mine finally broke I used it for everything. I need a new one. Now I have three extra brushes and can’t find a replacement. Anyone know where on is at?

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