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November 30th, 2003

The Best Hotel

I’m not a big traveler. I go places now and then, but some of the time we get to stay with friends and family or visit a B&B, and other times we end up going to a hotel.

My best experience with a hotel was a couple of years back, when my wife and I came to Denver. We stayed at a Candlewood Suites location. I tell you, I enjoyed it quite a bit. Not only did we get a sitting area (with tables and a sofa,) but we also had a comfortable bed, a kitchenette, and all the usual good amenities. Plus, it was clean!

But the nicest part was the Pantry. It’s a fully stocked, but small, convenience store located on the first floor. Everything there is available on the honor system: you pick out a few things (an apple, some microwave popcorn, and milk), fill out a sheet noting what you bought, and drop it in a slot. It’s then added to your bill. Of course you could lie and say you took three apples when you really took 18, but that’s a whole other matter.

I haven’t stayed in a place such as the Four Seasons (a high-end luxury hotel in downtown Chicago,) but such is life. For a hotel chain, I like Candlewood quite a bit. How about you?

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