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December 2nd, 2003

Jewel’s 15 Minutes

I’m sorry to inform you of this, but it appears as if Jewel’s 15 minutes are up. (Not the grocery store! The singer!)

Her last album release was a big attempt at more poppy, trendy music (they say: “0304 is a solid, fun pop-album in line with the best works of Britney, Shakira, and the modern Madonna.”) The video for one of the songs on that album satirized Jewel selling out, selling things such as soda.

But now, Jewel is selling digital cameras and printers for Canon. I thought it was her voice – still rather distinctive – and as it turns out, it’s her. Soda, printers, same thing (they both taste sugary.)

Slightly moreso than that, though, is her official site. It used to be run by a group of individuals. Now, it’s run by FansRULE (dude! extreme!) who have placed everything of note behind a username and password. Great. As a bonus, it looks all 1998.

So, Jewel, I’d like to say that your 15 minutes are definitely up. Thanks for “Who Will Save Your Soul,” which was a pretty good tune at the time. But we don’t need Yet Another Person Cloning Britney and Selling Crap.

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