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December 3rd, 2003

Dusty’s Trail

A co-worker was telling me about a post-Gilligan’s Island show that starred Bob Denver and was basically Gilligan on a stagecoach. The show was called Dusty’s Trail and also featured Bill Cort (who was surely best known for his role as Mr. Andrews on an episode of Small Wonder), Forrest Tucker (not to be confused with Forrest Whittaker). The characters mapped almost exactly to characters on Gilligan’s Island… there was the wagon master, a rich couple, a saloon girl, a school marm, and an engineer. Seriously, how long did it take to come up with this dud of an idea? It’s the equivalent of a cut-and-paste followed by a search-and-replace.

It almost goes without saying that the creator of the series was the (in)famous Sherwood Schwartz. The show lasted 26 episodes. In addition, three episodes were used a few years later for the 1976 film The Wackiest Wagon Train in the West.

You can find out more on (complete with audio of the theme song).

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FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday December 3, 2003 -- 10:59:16 am
Isn't the vast majority of network TV just cut and paste of the original successful idea? Pop music for that matter too.

FROM: Ace High
DATE: Wednesday December 3, 2003 -- 12:03:55 pm
I don't think they had cut and paste in the 70's. Sherwood Schwartz was notorious for making really bad TV.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday December 3, 2003 -- 7:50:53 pm
Is Bill Cort any relation to Bud Cort?

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday December 4, 2003 -- 9:33:41 am
Actually, on that first link, he's accidentally referred to as "Bud Cort" once.

But, no -- no related (Bud Cort's real last name was "Cox").

FROM: Chris
DATE: Tuesday May 11, 2004 -- 12:07:26 pm
I saw Dusty's Trail in London, England on the ITV network when I was 6 years old and at the time thought it was pretty funny! They aired all 26 episodes in the after-school time slot. I never saw Gilligan's Island as a kid, which was a good thing 'cos as an adult I can see how bad it was.

Funny thing though I always remembered this show even though I couldn't remember its name. I had to do a lot of searching on google to find out what it was called. Now I know, I'm a little saddened to find it associated with Gilligan as I have to face up to the humilliation of liking such a complete pile of pony droppings!

Other USA shows at the time were, Time Tunnel, Batman, The Fantastic Journey, Star Trek, The Waltons, Little House on the Prarie. Spiderman (the cartoon).

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