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December 30th, 2003

Why does MapQuest suck now?

There are a lot of map sites to choose from. For a while now, choosy people in this household (both me and my wife) have chosen MapQuest for one good reason: you could create a map with multiple addresses on it.

Yet, when mapping out multiple addresses yesterday we discovered that the greatest feature ever was gone. Worse, there’s no reason given; all references to Trip Planners and the like are removed from the site with useless text left in its wake.

The dilemma now is that there seems to be no online map system that lets you map multiple addresses easily. Rand McNally offers a “road trip” feature that will get the job done, but I don’t want to pretend I’m taking a road trip to various locations in the Denver area. That’s dumb.

So, does anyone know of a map system that allows multiple addresses on the same map? Or will I have to do something very 1993 and use a Real AtlasTM?

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