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December 31st, 2003

When will we be famous?

Last night I dreamt that Pinger Greg wrote an article for my alma mater’s paper about the Daily Ping. It was the front page story and featured a history of the Ping and highlighted various Ping “moments.” I was pleasantly surprised by the article because I didn’t know one was being written.

This got me to thinking: the Ping’s been around for a while now. A long while, really. And in that time, we’ve never gotten any press in a print publication. Paul and I have both have had sites mentioned in various papers, but the Ping has remained under the radar of most journalists. When will that change? Will 2004 be the year that the New York Times sends Jayson Blair to do a story on us?

I am pleased, though, that Dave Walls has discussed the Ping on the radio on a few occasions. At least one medium outside of the web has some love for us.

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