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January 21st, 2004

Music in the morning?

When you wake up and are getting ready to start your day, do you turn music or the TV on, or do you get started in silence?

There are certain days where I simply need a little music to make me pick up the pace, whereas other days I need a little Full House while I eat my breakfast. But some days, usually the ones where I get up early enough that I don’t have to rush, I like to shower, eat breakfast and make lunch, and brush my teeth in quiet. It seems to help me ease into the day without too much stress. Today was a music and TV day, whereas last Friday was a quiet morning.

On a similar note, my drive into work is usually talk radio, but occasionally I’ll flip over to music if the talk is particularly weak that day. Other times, I need the quiet to contemplate my Ping.

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FROM: Alex
DATE: Wednesday January 21, 2004 -- 10:03:13 am
Aahh . . . Music in the Morning . . . wasn't that a Christopher Cross song? Just kidding. I have my alarm set to Howard Stern - who can sleep through that! Shut off alarm, turn on stereo. Sometimes it's CD's and sometimes it's the Radio. DC 101, Jazz at 105 and sometimes NPR just depends on the sleepy mood. Queit, aahhh yes, that too.

FROM: Cat [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday January 21, 2004 -- 10:23:30 am
I'm one of those weirdos who cannot abide noise in the morning. There is no faster way to put me in crank mode than to turn on the television early. And believe me, I'm crabby enough.

FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday January 21, 2004 -- 11:40:46 am
I watch the news in the morning to check traffic. If there is a major problem on I95 I take the train instead of the bus into DC.

On the bus, I usually fall asleep to whatever I copied onto my MP3 player for the week. This week I have The Kennedy's, The Bottle Rockets, Twisted Sister, Rob Russell and The Sore Losers, and Phil Lee.

FROM: Jacquie
DATE: Wednesday January 21, 2004 -- 11:41:48 am
I wake up to Eric and Kathy on the Mix 101.9 in Chicagoland. I also listen to them in the shower. But I like to watch WGN Morning News when I am getting ready in the morning....

FROM: jk
DATE: Wednesday January 21, 2004 -- 11:57:09 am
I like the radio in the morning, as many of you do, for the sake of the music as well as traffic reports, but I don't like anything on TV except the Weather Channel. I don't want choreographed news that early in the day.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday January 21, 2004 -- 12:23:17 pm
I actually have my TV set to kick on at the same time with the alarm. Just an added precaution to make sure that I actually get up. I can reach the alarm clock and go back to sleep, but I leave the remote conrtrol on the other side of the room, so I gotta get up to turn it off.

Added statement: I thank God every day that I am not a traffic reporter in DC or NYC.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday January 21, 2004 -- 1:07:33 pm
If you're a traffic reporter in DC, you just have to memorize the phrase, "It's a mess out there today, folks."

FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday January 21, 2004 -- 2:49:38 pm
I don't know Dave, I would think a traffic reporter in DC has pretty good job security. It's not like the traffic is gonna get better anytime soon.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Wednesday January 21, 2004 -- 4:45:26 pm
I usually listen to either some music, or a few minutes of some talk radio shows if it seems like there is something interesting going on. When I first get to work I start the day with a nice moment of silent prayer.

FROM: towinlovinit
DATE: Wednesday January 21, 2004 -- 5:37:52 pm
Total quiet for me. I like getting up and getting my coffee started, feed the animals and while I am enjoying my cup of brew, I like watching the fish tank. My tank is 60 gal and a nice setup. It calms me and lets me think of what my plans are for the day. A quiet time of prayer without worring about getting interrupted. After about 1 1/2 hours of peace, then I don't mind the TV on or the radio before I head out the door. Quiet country music in my car is really nice. Keeps me from that disease: Road Rage!

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday January 21, 2004 -- 6:10:00 pm
Chris -- True, traffic is always gonna be a pain in DC. I just cant decide on whether the job security would be enough to make up for all the added stress of sitting on the Loop all morning. That would have to be one hell of a salary increase. ;)

Ryan -- Re: Memorizing Phrases..

You should hear me on those mornings where there is nothing holidays, early mornings (I start at 6a), or whatnot. You find different ways of saying "There's nothing going on" each report.

"Light activity on I-95"
"Downtown is just waking up.."
"Increasing volume on.."

Repeat when necessary.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday January 21, 2004 -- 8:58:29 pm
I flip on "Morning Edition" on NPR every morning of the work week. Then, I listen to it on the drive to work. Rarely do I listen to anything else.

FROM: Kate
DATE: Wednesday January 21, 2004 -- 11:20:26 pm
Being a college student, I have roommates. For unknown reasons, these roommates would rather not be woken up by me blasting Pachelbel's Canon every morning. Sad, isn't it?

Therefore, I usually prepare in silence; if I have to listen to lectures all day, my ears need to rest -some- time. If the silence starts getting eerie, I'll hum a not-so-happy tune. Grr, mornings.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday January 22, 2004 -- 9:23:20 am
I tend to not have music in the mornings, on weekdays anyhow. But when I'm driving to work I do listen to music; on the drive home, NPR. It's a pretty nice combo.

At work, I listen to music all day. That includes the morning.

DATE: Wednesday January 5, 2005 -- 4:26:39 pm
I have cmt on every morning, it help sometimes, but if there is a good song i have to sit down and watch it then lay, then sleep accidentally.

FROM: alexander
DATE: Friday July 29, 2005 -- 8:53:07 pm
hi people from us :)
i noticed u all wake up verry gentle n softly
,i wake up with a pda n cellphone beep and then put on some pounding house basses on a 500watt subwoofer
with 2-3 smokes and a redbull

wish i had the time like u guys to wake up so gentle!!!

greets from belgium ,eu

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