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January 22nd, 2004


The other afternoon, my boss and I were at a coffee shop. I got a hot chocolate, and he got decaf. He then said that he couldn’t handle caffeine in the afternoon anymore, and that “changes as you get older.” I agreed because I’m finding out that it’s quite true.

When I was growing up, my primary beverage was soda. Regular soda, so it was full-on caffeine and sugar all the time. At one point I prided myself on having a vast selection of soda available – once I had an apartment for it, that is. But now? I don’t drink nearly as much. I have coffee in the morning, and I might have soda with my lunch. But that’s about it. Caffeine-free diet soda has gotten me “down” from caffeine all the time, but I also drink a lot of water.

Are you hooked on the stuff?

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