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January 27th, 2004

Explain this to me…

I noticed recently that Circuit City (Bircuit Bity?) was having a sale on their own brand of CD-Rs: 50 for $6.99 after rebate. The discs had served me well in the past, so I wanted to order some. The problem was that they were “not available for online purchase” and I was instructed to “check [my] local store.” So I did.

When I went to my local store, I was first confused because they had changed the layout of the store yet again. Once I found the blank media section, I noticed they no longer had their own brand of CD-Rs available. So I asked a salesperson. “Oh, we don’t carry that brand anymore.”

“Circuit City doesn’t carry Circuit City brand CD-Rs anymore?” I asked, dumbfounded.

“That’s right,” he told me.

So there’s an item on a web site, complete with a rebate, that I can’t purchase online and can’t purchase in the store. What do they want me to do? Drive to the manufacturing plant and pick up a spindle there?

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