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March 14th, 2004

Now Who’s Boss?

Insofar as “reality” programming goes, I think TLC is doing some of the best and some of the worst. Well, okay, Fox is doing the worst. But TLC has some stinkers.

I’m happy to report that Now Who’s Boss? is not one of those stinkers. The idea of the show is simple: take the CEO of a company and put him or her in the shoes of the company’s low-end workers.

An episode we saw last weekend had the head of Loews Hotels taking care of laundry, housekeeping, cooking, and the like. It was really entertaining – he was quite slow and bad at making up beds, and screwed up an omelet nicely. The CEO’s activities are monitored by supervisors, so the head of housekeeping is free to say, “Gosh, he’s slow.” A bonus is that if workers had a beef with something, the CEO could experience it himself and, hopefully, take the suggestion back to the top.

With this particular fellow, as well, his experience was so good that he decided to have his entire board do a “down the ladder” (cringe) day every three to six months. That’s a good policy.

The show makes for a nice diversion.

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