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March 30th, 2004

Dennis is Still In

Is the Democratic primary over? Well, yeah, pretty much. John Kerry’s got it, no?

Here’s your news flash: Dennis Kucinich is still in it. He has no chance of winning at this point (even though he came in second in American Samoa and Hawaii,) but he’s still running. I mentioned this to my wife, and she called him foolish. I don’t think it’s necessarily the greatest decision ever, but I also think there is some value to saying that you ran during an entire primary cycle.

Plus, he’s still addressing issues that Kerry won’t – or can’t. That’s a good thing, so long as people know he’s still out there.

Dennis, you’re a winner with me.

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FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday March 30, 2004 -- 9:56:31 am
At this point, he's in it to make sure he wins some delegates and the issues he believes in get addressed at the convention. He'd like to lead the party in a more progressive direction, and his way of helping do that is to make sure that that portion of the party has more of a voice.

I'm proud of him for sticking in there, despite all the potshots and hollow jokes. He and Sharpton were the only two people at the debates to consistently get applause from the audience. They kept things from being boring. There's something to be said for someone who's hung in there even though he's been told from the beginning he couldn't win.

There was a good moment on The Daily Show where the showed Dennis Kucinich holding up the peace sign, and then John Stewart said, "And then Kucinich was asked for the one millionth time why he was still in the race. He slowly lowered one of his fingers."

FROM: Mike [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday March 30, 2004 -- 2:25:25 pm
A man is only as foolish as his beliefs.

Plus, it looks like he's the only one not to have chartered flights, which is probably indicative of him saving money at every chance so he could stick around for the long haul. I'm rooting for that goofy little bastard to continue making some noise all the way to Boston.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday March 30, 2004 -- 3:24:29 pm
In addition, Mike, it's really interesting to look at the candidates' net worth and yearly income (about 3/4 of the way down). Kerry's annual income is $15,550,935 - $77,540,000 while Kucinich's is $201 - $1,000. His response to having such a low net value/income: that that while he had respect for the material world, his primary pursuits had been involved with providing service to others.

Like Mike, I hope he continues to be involved and making noise. And that he continues to take jabs with a good sense of humor.

Did anyone catch him doing the Top 10 on Letterman last week?

FROM: Tarsonis
DATE: Tuesday March 30, 2004 -- 5:53:11 pm
I'm from New Zealand, we have an election process called MMP. We will go to the polls later this year and have 2 votes, one for our favoured political party (What you'd called democrat or republican) and one vote for our local electorate representitive (I guess what you'd call a senator). Please explain how the american system works and what you mean by 'primary'.

...Just fir informations sake.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday March 30, 2004 -- 6:55:20 pm
Tarsonis -- Try here.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Tuesday March 30, 2004 -- 7:54:12 pm
I don't think Kucinich ever was a legitimate candidate. I had a few friends who went to see him in DC in the summer at a luncheon. He said all this anti-war stuff but then he didn't have any sort of mailing list or contact list. There was no sort of list to keep in touch with or any contributions asked for. I would think a legitimate candidate would want to have an indication of their support etc. To me he comes across as a CIA plant to check up on the subversive anti-war folks out there, and see what's up with that movement.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday March 30, 2004 -- 8:33:13 pm
Matt -- Kucinich has had a web site with a mailing list, meetups, donations, etc. for quite a while now. I donated to his campaign in the early fall and had no problems.

FROM: tarsonis
DATE: Tuesday March 30, 2004 -- 9:38:54 pm
Ryan -- thanks for the reference.

You guys bankroll your Politicians? What a strange concept. I guess for us politics isn't something that we get all fanatical about. Well not to the point we start waving little flags anyway. I mean we care, but we don't _care_.

FROM: Huyen
DATE: Friday April 2, 2004 -- 12:56:23 pm
Matt, you are sounding like some of the paranoid patients at the mental health institute... I think I've worked with enough to recognize a symptom...

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