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May 14th, 2004


Last week we had a potluck lunch at work. I was going to bring lemon bars… but they didn’t quite work out. So I purchased lemon cookies at Costco. Nothing wrong with that, really – the so-called “Lemon Drizzled Cookies” were quite good and everyone liked ’em.

But then I noticed something on the label above the word “Lemon.” In small type was the word “Extreme.”

I know that EXTREME!!!! has really become as pedestrian as, well, “cool.” But this looked like a total last minute thing. “Say, how can we appeal to kids?” “Extreme!”

I’m now asking you, fellow Pingers, to submit your favorite use of the word “Extreme!” (with or without exclamation mark) for our entertainment and enjoyment. I’m genuinely curious as to how diluted the meaning of this word has become.

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