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June 6th, 2004

A Fly on the Wall (of a Urinal)

As part of my job, I do a lot of research on user interfaces. A lot. But I think my favorite advancement is a fly on a urinal.

Why do this? Simple: to provide something to shoot for. Apparently, there’s been a lot less cleanup around the urinals with targets.

Given the sad state of most men’s bathrooms, that’s a good thing.

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FROM: Kate
DATE: Sunday June 6, 2004 -- 5:43:14 pm
Aww, it's cute.

FROM: towinlovinit
DATE: Monday June 7, 2004 -- 12:09:04 am
Is this the only thing you know how to talk about. Maybe sinks, since you are so facinated with toilets, maybe shower curtains. Please get off the subject of toilets. I know that there has got to be better topic....... like our formal past president who just died. something more important than pee!

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday June 7, 2004 -- 12:40:13 am
I know that there has got to be better topic....... like our formal past president who just died.

Why dwell on the stuffy, old, formal presidents? The informal presidents are where it's at, showing up for state dinners without pants and such.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday June 7, 2004 -- 10:49:02 am
Please get off the subject of toilets.

I like to stay on toilets whenever possible.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday June 7, 2004 -- 11:20:02 am
towinlovinit -- toilets have been the cornerstone of the Ping since its inception. People look to us for the latest in toilet-related information and we take that responsibility very seriously. A toilet can't flush without us knowing about it.

FROM: Greg
DATE: Monday June 7, 2004 -- 2:40:15 pm
I would personally like to thank the Ping for all the knowlegde I have accumulated about human waste recepticles (toilets). I've used something like this product once. It was a sticker-picture of Osama. Let me tell you, hitting the target was never more fun.

FROM: Rafael
DATE: Tuesday June 8, 2004 -- 10:58:05 am
Those crazy Japanese and their inventions....

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Wednesday June 9, 2004 -- 9:26:27 am
The local sanitizing company hired to clean the washrooms where I went to college used to provide targeted urinal cake holders, complete with bullseye roundels and points. Bullseye was 100 points and the outer ring was 50. They were blue with alternating white roundels and numbers. I thought it was a great idea. I think the manufacturer was Sani-King.

I thought it was stupid at first, but I couldn't help myself. I always aimed for the bullseye no matter what. Some custodial genius has found a way to tap into some irrational human compulsion to aim the pee. I just wonder what the boardroom coversations are like at Sani-King. You wouldn't expect new ideas at the urinal cake holder company to come around too often.

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