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June 7th, 2004

New Product Idea: Silent Self-Popping Popcorn

I love me some popcorn with my movies. But I can do without the massive amounts of peanut oil, butter, and salt that’s added to typical movie popcorn. I’d love to smuggle in a gigantic bag of hot air popcorn or even microwave popcorn, but unfortunately, both are entirely too large to be hidden under a t-shirt during the summer.

So here’s my idea, and some smart person just has to run with it: a bag filled with unpopped kernals that will pop (silently!) at the touch of a button. Where does it get the heat from to pop the kernals? Body heat? A small external heat source? Not sure. But if you can steathily start the popping when the previews start and have a gigantic bag of popcorn ready by the time the second preview starts, you’d have me hooked.

Go ahead, someone, invent it.

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