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June 26th, 2004

Video Chat in the Air

One of my favorite things about the Jetsons, besides the ultra-hip clothing and the flying cars, was the amazing and fun technology. If Jane needed George to stop at the store before coming home, she could call him on a video phone. George could then sit back, relax, and talk without fear of crashing into Cogswell Cogs.

While flying cars aren’t here yet, the amazing thing is that video conferencing in the air is! It’s a pretty unique use of a simple instant messaging client, free on-board WiFi, and a video camera.

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FROM: aharris
DATE: Saturday June 26, 2004 -- 12:32:45 pm mention of iPod-ing your BMW? ;)

Now that's something I could really get excited about. Well...if I actually had a BMW. Or a car even...

Still cool. :) Btw, you notice that nifty "X" product placement in Kurt's office?

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday June 26, 2004 -- 2:49:50 pm
Dick Tracy's video wristwatch was much cooler.

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