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October 19th, 2004

Working the Polls

This election day, I’ve decided to work the polls. So, from 5am until 9:30pm—that’s 16 1/2 hours—I’ll be trapped at a local polling location helping set up machines, check people in, etc. etc. etc. Best of all, I’ll get to spend some quality time with the area’s spicy seniors.

I realize, based on past visits to the polls, that I’ll probably be the youngest person there by several decades, but it should be an interesting experience, nevertheless. I have a couple hour training session at the end of this month (at a senior center, no less!) and will cast my absentee ballot at the time and then have to show up by 5am on November 2nd. I do get paid (though it’s not exactly a king’s ransom), but my workplace doesn’t consider it a day of community service so I have to take a vacation day.

Has anyone here ever worked the polls?

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