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July 2nd, 2004


When it comes to clothing care, there are quite a few things one needs to do. Stains have to get out. Clothes have to be clean. Clothes have to be dry. And in many circumstances, clothes have to be wrinkle-free.

While I’m pleased that more and more shirts and pants are being touted as wrinkle-free there’s the occasional need to do something I abhor: iron.

I’m not quite sure why I hate ironing. Maybe it’s because it takes time and patience, and I usually don’t devote a night of the week to ironing. Or maybe it’s because my shirts wrinkle about five minutes after putting them back on, defeating the purpose unless it’s going under a jacket. Or maybe it’s because some wrinkled shirts are fashionable.


Is there anyone out there that likes to iron? Or, better yet, used to hate ironing but now enjoys it? I’m curious. In case you’re trying to figure out who I am, I’m the guy with the slightly wrinkled green buttondown.

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