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July 1st, 2004

What I Need: A List Holder

When I’m food shopping, I can never quite figure out where to put my shopping list and pen. Sometimes I hold it between my hand and the handle of the shopping cart, but that’s not always convenient if I need both hands to grab an item. Sometimes I’ll keep them in my pocket, but end up crossing items off in groups rather than as I buy them. My thought: why haven’t any shopping cart manufacturers attached a paper holder and pen to their carts yet? You know, similar to the ones that people used to stick to their windshields (less fancy versios of this item).

While they’ve managed to add drink holders to the carts, something I’ve never actually seen anyone hold a drink in, they haven’t figured out that while people don’t usually drink while shopping, they’re always crossing items off of thier shopping lists. And those drink holders aren’t good shopping list holders, either. I’ve tried.

It wouldn’t have to be fancy. Just a simple plastic piece with a simple clip on the top and an attached pen. Put it on the handle of the cart or on the top of the folding seat in the cart and you’d have one of the most handy inventions ever.

Someone here must have connections with a shopping cart manufacturer. Slip them the URL for this Ping and let’s get this thing made.

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Chris November 25, 2009, 2:52 pm

Have you seen the List Caddy? It was my wife’s idea. This might be a solution for your original problem.

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