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July 17th, 2004

Krypto the superdog

Watching part of Boomerang’s Superfriends marathon this weekend, I found myself wondering: what ever became of Superboy’s sidekick Krypto the dog? Krypto was a mysterious beast… he had all of Superboy’s strength and was able to fly and carry things, yet he was still relegated to being a second-class citizen next to Superboy. I mean, hell, he even had a cape. And, really, what does a dog need a cape for, superdog or not?

So what happened to Krypto once Superboy became Superman? Did he go to the Superpound? Or perhaps he became a Super-seeing-eye-dog. Or maybe Superboy just got tired of Krypto “dropping bombs,” so to speak, when they were flying out and about (’cause you know Clark didn’t take him for regular walks).

It’s a mystery I fear will never be solved.

(Correction: now I know!)

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FROM: Fiona
DATE: Thursday July 22, 2004 -- 1:49:10 am
Did Superboy from Superfreinds ever become Superman? He woudl have to be Superman II because Superman was on Superfriends too.

What shocks me is that nobody has responded to this post! It's to good not to comment on!

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