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July 17th, 2004

Krypto the superdog

Watching part of Boomerang’s Superfriends marathon this weekend, I found myself wondering: what ever became of Superboy’s sidekick Krypto the dog? Krypto was a mysterious beast… he had all of Superboy’s strength and was able to fly and carry things, yet he was still relegated to being a second-class citizen next to Superboy. I mean, hell, he even had a cape. And, really, what does a dog need a cape for, superdog or not?

So what happened to Krypto once Superboy became Superman? Did he go to the Superpound? Or perhaps he became a Super-seeing-eye-dog. Or maybe Superboy just got tired of Krypto “dropping bombs,” so to speak, when they were flying out and about (’cause you know Clark didn’t take him for regular walks).

It’s a mystery I fear will never be solved.

(Correction: now I know!)

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