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August 2nd, 2004

Bad Chinese Food

When we lived in Denver, we had a craving – as people sometimes do – for Chinese food. Our last residence was near a fantastic, fantastic Chinese place called Tom Lee. For about $5.00, you’d get enough food for two big meals along with a can of soda. It was unbeatable – these styrofoam containers had heaps of foods. And all of it was good.

But the first place we tried had middle-of-the-road Chinese food. The chicken was a little gamey (never a good quality for any food,) and everything tasted a little bland. But the egg rolls… the egg rolls were all wrong. Instead of a thick, crunchy coating, these had a thin, crispy one. The weird thing? Every single egg roll in Denver is this incorrect, thin and crispy type. It’s wrong, I tell you!

The funniest and saddest part, though, is that the best (cheap) Chinese food in Denver could be found at Safeway. A frozen Lemon Chicken along with some Uncle Ben’s and frozen egg rolls was about the same price as Chinese, and actually tasted pretty good. No mystery meats.

Safeway: your source for good Chinese.

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Cam Phung October 15, 2008, 2:26 am

Seriously, Chinese themselves are starting to dread eating Chinese food. Check it out

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