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August 6th, 2004

Digital Prints

Now that Ryan and I both have really great digital cameras (er, I’m being a little presumptuous on his but I assume it’s great,) there’s the dilemma of prints. Do I get ’em or not?

I’ve found that for most of my purposes, storing them on my hard drive works well (along with a CD backup.) But it’s just not the same as rummaging through boxes of old photos, is it? There’s something inherently missing in the experience. Maybe it’s because real photos fade and show age. Digital ones? Not unless your hard drive goes south.

My digital prints have been few and far between, but we’ve got a few very large frames awaiting some great prints. Whether I take them or not is the question, but seeing my photos at 20×30 – fully digital – would be pretty snazzy.

Do you get actual prints from your digicam?

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