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August 6th, 2004

Digital Prints

Now that Ryan and I both have really great digital cameras (er, I’m being a little presumptuous on his but I assume it’s great,) there’s the dilemma of prints. Do I get ’em or not?

I’ve found that for most of my purposes, storing them on my hard drive works well (along with a CD backup.) But it’s just not the same as rummaging through boxes of old photos, is it? There’s something inherently missing in the experience. Maybe it’s because real photos fade and show age. Digital ones? Not unless your hard drive goes south.

My digital prints have been few and far between, but we’ve got a few very large frames awaiting some great prints. Whether I take them or not is the question, but seeing my photos at 20×30 – fully digital – would be pretty snazzy.

Do you get actual prints from your digicam?

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FROM: Chris
DATE: Friday August 6, 2004 -- 9:23:23 am
We print some - definitely not all of them though. However, I buy the prints. Given the cost of the snazzy photo paper and HP color carts, .29 a print from Ofoto is a bargain.

I also do a DVD annual retrospective each year - a bunch of pics from the year organized and set to music.

And I back up the entire years photo directory to CD. During the year, I back up the directory weekly to a dedicated back up drive in my PC.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday August 6, 2004 -- 10:43:34 am
I like the yearly retrospective idea, Chris. I may steal that idea.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday August 6, 2004 -- 10:43:41 pm
I've had my digital camera for two months and I've used it for nothing but pictures of myself. Were I to do a retrospective for this year it might end up more a tour through my haircuts.

FROM: Andy
DATE: Sunday August 8, 2004 -- 8:08:10 pm
Since you are in Chicago, you can do what I do - Jewel grocery stores have stacks of "five free print" coupons that are good thru the end of the year. I take my memory card with me on every trip and get five prints. The camera counter lady is a bit annoyed at me, but I'm just taking advantage of the promotion.

I haven't ever paid for a print. The quality is fabulous also. Of course these are only 4x6's - you have to pay for larger.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Tuesday August 10, 2004 -- 11:11:35 am
I get prints all the time. I usually use Clark ( But before you buy any, take a tour of the online places. Ofoto, Mystic, Snapfish and a bunch of others. Run a google search for free digital prints and you will have tons of places to choose from. Some will have you pay shipping, others won't. The interesting thing is, they all come from the same Hamden Park, MD address. I've gotten over 50 or so prints so far and haven't had to pay for a single one.

I'll send you a referral from Clark. If you use it I get ten free prints!!!

Although I like my digital camera, the prints make me like my 35mm more. Digital cameras are a great media for computers and computer graphics, but the prints are rather flat. Digital cameras are also very convenient and small, so they can go with you everywhere. You give up image quality for convenience, though.

I use my digital less and less every day. I originally bought it only to put stuff up for sale on ebay.

Clark scans 35mm film for only $1 a roll and the developing and prints from film are so cheap that I use that service more.

Soon, excellent digital cams will be available at the checkout stand and eventually, the dollar store and render 35mm totally obsolete. I'll stop using 35mm when the market forces me to.

Digital enlargements pretty much suck, by the way. There's a reason 4x6 is the standard digital print size. 35mm and medium format are still way better if you want larger than 4x6.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Tuesday August 10, 2004 -- 11:12:48 am
Reprints from negatives are still cheaper than digital prints, as well; about half the price.

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