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August 27th, 2004

The Worst TV Show That Never Seemed to End

Last night after work I got home and watched a little Family Ties, which isn’t a bad way to unwind. And these were pre-Brian Bonsall episodes, so even though Andy was in them, he was just a baby (played by Garrett and Taylor Merriman).

Anyway, TV Land advertised that they were playing a mini-marathon of Family Ties episodes and announced that tomorrow they’d be playing a mini-marathon of Wings.


This got me to thinking: Wings has got to be one of the worst sitcoms to ever hit television. There was never a funny moment (which I know, because I was forced to sit through many an episode when I babysat in high school) and Crystal Bernard played one of television’s most annoying characters (Fran Drescher’s Nanny not withstanding). It was just a weak, weak show with nothing going for it. It was pretty much Newhart in an airport (and, actually, the IMDB entry for Wings suggests “you might like…” the original Bob Newhart Show).

Yet, the damn show seemed to never end. Indeed, it went on for seven painful years.

What show do you hate more than any other that ran for many, many years (let’s say more than five seasons)?

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FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday August 27, 2004 -- 8:03:53 am
The Waltons.

FROM: jk
DATE: Friday August 27, 2004 -- 9:25:34 am
I loved the character of Lowell on Wings, but the series should have ended after season 2.

FROM: Greg
DATE: Friday August 27, 2004 -- 12:36:12 pm
After the first season or two, Friends became a very painful show to watch. They all started dating and marrying each other thus losing the very theme of the whole show.

Ryan - You've got disagreement here. While the last two seasons of Wings were bad, the show had quite a few good qualities. We're not talking top twenty sitcoms of all time, that's a whole 'nother Ping.

FROM: Paul [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday August 27, 2004 -- 2:25:16 pm
Wings is one of those shows that I can watch if it's on and I give my mind a big break. I don't have hatred towards it. No hatin'.

Although Crystal Bernard was an annoying character because, uh, she's got an annoying personality. (There's your hatin'.)

But, I'll nominate Home Improvement. That thing, sheesh, it just wouldn't die!

FROM: dave
DATE: Friday August 27, 2004 -- 2:30:18 pm
I'm right there with you on Wings. What made it even worse for me was that my parents loved it.

Home Improvement, well, Paul beat me to it. But I'll also nominate Murder, She Wrote, although I'd argue that we'd all be better off if it had never aired.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Friday August 27, 2004 -- 4:53:29 pm
Haha, all I can think of now is how bad Wings is. I had a few friends in college who had me over to their place for lunch, and everytime I went over there they were watching Wings. I was always dissing it, and saying how weak of a show it was. It paled in coparison to the much better Working and Single Guy, which were also on the USA Lafternoon at the time.

FROM: jk
DATE: Friday August 27, 2004 -- 8:46:35 pm
I truly did not find Friends to be funny after about the 3rd season.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday August 27, 2004 -- 9:21:47 pm
Does anyone actually watch "George Lopez" or "My Wife and Kids"? Cause I sure as hell don't.

Damon Wayans as a boring, watered down version of a dad? Oh, Homey the Clown, where have you gone???

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Wednesday September 1, 2004 -- 4:08:56 pm
Saved By The Bell. Worst Ever. My little brother couldn't get enough of it. But I think that had more to do with the tall long-haired brunette than the show's writing. How many times can Screech make a dumb face or sound and get a laugh? Every time, apparently.

I also still don't get Malcolm in the Middle. I've watched and watched trying to catch the wave. Everyone talks about it, but I just don't get it.

Ever try to watch a rerun of M*A*S*H* lately? I remember everyone loving it, myself included. Now, it's very painful. The acting is sooooooo bad.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday September 1, 2004 -- 11:47:16 pm
Saved By The Bell. Worst Ever.


You are hereby banned from the Ping!

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Thursday September 2, 2004 -- 4:32:45 pm
Ha ha!!!!!

That was a priceless reaction. I knew you had a thing for SBTB, so I couldn't resist.

I'm sorry. Please don't ban me. I know it was a cruel joke to play. I'm sorry. *sniff*

FROM: Mike Blancett
DATE: Sunday September 5, 2004 -- 9:01:55 am
I Cant See Why You Didnt ThinK Wings Was Funny.To Me At Least It Is The Funniest Show Ive Ever Seen Next To All In The Family.

DATE: Sunday December 12, 2004 -- 5:01:00 pm
I didn't mind Wings but Friends was even worse. I mean they act like teenagers plus this show is supposed to be one of the greatest ever. Yeah right.

DATE: Sunday March 20, 2005 -- 3:16:33 pm
Wow!! A bunch of men (or mostly...some of you might be women) bashing sitcoms...never thought I'd see the day!

I loved Wings, the acting was great and the characters were hilarious. I don't think Crystal Bernard is annoying at all...she is a fantastic actress. You all sound as if you don't like her, rather than her character on the specific. I'm an actress and I totally understand if someone doesn't particularly like a character that I or anyone else portrays, but don't hate or make harsh judgements on me, especially if you don't know me as a person.

Everyone has a right to his or her own opinion, but in respect to the actors/actresses on this series, I solely base my opinions on the quality of the show rather than take hits at the actors themselves.

Try talking about positive stuff, shows that interest seems as if this little forum is just too negative...too much negativity can bring a person down.


FROM: dave
DATE: Sunday March 20, 2005 -- 6:00:00 pm
Patricia Heaton? Is that you? Don't try to pretend you're a better person than your're worse.

FROM: Buris [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday August 4, 2005 -- 12:46:51 pm
check out my website! it is about The Flying Waltons rock band! maaaarvelous!

DATE: Sunday November 13, 2005 -- 11:48:53 am

FROM: D-cup
DATE: Friday August 4, 2006 -- 10:54:47 am
How 'bout ...

Ally McBeal
Home Makeover
7th Heavan
Mad tv
Everybody loves Raymond
Ghost Whisperer
Yo Momma
and the list goes on ...

FROM: Jessica
DATE: Friday August 4, 2006 -- 2:57:15 pm
Worst seriest that never end...
Is it wrong for me to HATE

LOST???? I really do... (sigh) I just don't care, I wish that they would quit blowing up whatever goes against them in that time slot, it really pisses me off...

How 'bout Conan? I don't think he's funny at all. I can't believe he's taking over for Leno. What a mistake!

I have to agree with D-Cup on many on that list, too. Sooo many of those do indeed suck!

Seinfield is the worst EVER!

FROM: peejer
DATE: Saturday August 19, 2006 -- 4:36:30 pm
"Mad About You" was painfully annoying, but CLEARLY, the worst long-running series of all time was, "Will & Grace".

I understand Conan is more of an acquired taste, but he's bleeding edge and innovative and, occassionally, hilarious (Triumph, the insult dog). Leno, on the other hand, hasn't been the least bit funny, or even marginally creative, in....well, ever.

Worst Sitcom Ever August 18, 2007, 3:39 pm

The worst TV show that never seemed to end is none other than The Simpsons, which is also the worst sitcom ever, and we all know that the Simpsons jumped the shark on day one!

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