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August 27th, 2004

The Worst TV Show That Never Seemed to End

Last night after work I got home and watched a little Family Ties, which isn’t a bad way to unwind. And these were pre-Brian Bonsall episodes, so even though Andy was in them, he was just a baby (played by Garrett and Taylor Merriman).

Anyway, TV Land advertised that they were playing a mini-marathon of Family Ties episodes and announced that tomorrow they’d be playing a mini-marathon of Wings.


This got me to thinking: Wings has got to be one of the worst sitcoms to ever hit television. There was never a funny moment (which I know, because I was forced to sit through many an episode when I babysat in high school) and Crystal Bernard played one of television’s most annoying characters (Fran Drescher’s Nanny not withstanding). It was just a weak, weak show with nothing going for it. It was pretty much Newhart in an airport (and, actually, the IMDB entry for Wings suggests “you might like…” the original Bob Newhart Show).

Yet, the damn show seemed to never end. Indeed, it went on for seven painful years.

What show do you hate more than any other that ran for many, many years (let’s say more than five seasons)?

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Worst Sitcom Ever August 18, 2007, 3:39 pm

The worst TV show that never seemed to end is none other than The Simpsons, which is also the worst sitcom ever, and we all know that the Simpsons jumped the shark on day one!

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