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August 28th, 2004

Drinkable Donut

You know, I like Krispy Kreme. A lot. But their latest idea… it stinks.

The concept is simple: let’s make a drinkable donut. After all, it’s worked really well for fruit (smoothies) and, uh, cake, I guess. But the drinkable Original Glazed frozen blend is a ridiculous idea. And while I’m not counting calories, I admit I have a hard time envisioning blowing 710 calories on this thing. A regular KK donut has about 240.

And besides, what situation are you going to be in when you want a cold, donut-flavored drink? Really.

I bet it took KK years to come up with this. Here’s another idea: how about a donut with coffee in it? Hot, steaming coffee that drips out when you bite in it. No dunking! Yum!

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