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September 10th, 2004

Phones Are Cheap

It’s time for a little old-fogeyism, and really Friday is the best day on which to exhibit it.

This past week we moved into our new place and in advance of our stuff getting here, needed to get a corded phone. We feel it’s a good idea to have a backup corded phone in case of power loss, in which our cordless phone will be kaput (technology!) We shopped our local Target to get a new corded phone and, frankly, I was stunned by how cheap these things are now.

We got a corded phone with caller ID for $8.50. $8.50! Why, just a few years ago a phone with caller ID would have cost double that. And a super fancy classic-styled phone, very design-y, was just $20. That ain’t bad.

The nice thing is that cordless phones are cheap as well. One can be had for about $15 or so, new. It makes me glad that the days one needed to buy a phone from the phone company directly are long, long gone.

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