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September 9th, 2004

Ginger Lemon Fauxreos

As the days go by, it seems there are more and more faux-Oreo creme cookies that are offering up good tasting (and slightly more healthy) alternatives to our favorite Trans-Fat Creme Cookie. One of my recent obsessions has been Country Choice’s Ginger Lemon Sandwich Cremes. They’ve got a great little taste to them with lemon being the dominant flavor, but just enough ginger to keep things snappy. The creme is a good consistency (not too dry, not too squishy) and the vanilla cookies provide a good compliment to the creme. All told, it’s a fine package of snackdom.

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DATE: Thursday September 9, 2004 -- 4:51:39 pm
All you need to do to lose weight is to get off your fat ass and exercise.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Thursday September 9, 2004 -- 6:58:58 pm
Ah Bob the King of Insight. Ladies and Gentlemen, I believe we have found Richard Simmons replacement in the land of Deal-A-Meal.

FROM: David
DATE: Thursday September 9, 2004 -- 8:14:37 pm
He's right, you know, that's all you need to do. And shut up. BOB forgot that part. So just get off your fat ass, exercise, and shut up.

FROM: jk
DATE: Thursday September 9, 2004 -- 9:57:58 pm
And thus further proof for my argument that we should require a password in order to Ping.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday September 9, 2004 -- 10:26:53 pm
Ah, c'mon! I love being called a fat ass! It just means they've never seen my diet plan.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday September 10, 2004 -- 9:16:30 am
The Ping password will be "freepens."

FROM: David
DATE: Friday September 10, 2004 -- 9:26:51 am
It's true, Ryan does love it. Almost as much as promoting his own diet plan. Over 5.3 million satisfied customers!
Okay, I love promoting it too.

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