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September 12th, 2004

The Move-In Service

Now that I’ve completed another move-in (it’s almost an annual thing, sadly,) here’s a concept I want to see happen: the move-in service.

Let’s say your stuff is in your apartment, and you need to set up all of your utilities. You call the move-in service and give them particulars: name, address, all that good stuff. You inform them of dates and times that work well for utility workers who need to come into your home or apartment. Then, they call all the utilities for you and set everything up. In an hour or so, the move-in service calls you back with all the hardcore information.

The reason I suggest this service is because it’s a bit of a pain to have to figure out who does what, call them, and then set up all the times and dates. Either a website or a call-in service like this would really make things easier.

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