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September 26th, 2004

Doctor’s Office Magazines

Yesterday I was at the doctor (I had the Pac-Man Fever) and while waiting, grabbed a magazine. I was stunned to read the headline on the front page, asking if Ronald Reagan had a legitimate shot at the 1980 presidency.

All right, all right, I exaggerate. The Time was really from July of this year but still, July? It got me to wondering why there’s the occasional ancient magazine in the available pile or rack. Now, stuff like Highlights – a kids’ magazine that somehow manages to avoid the Really Important Topics like politics, war, and money – that’s fine. They could have issues from 1977 for all I know, and Goofus & Gallant would be just as fresh as ever.

So here’s an idea. Patients, bring in your magazines. No more than one month old. Then the office can just clear things out every month. Can you imagine the diversity? We’d still have Highlights (we’ll always have Highlights) but in addition to Time and Generic Women’s Magazine With Weight Loss Tips and Recipe for 1,000 Calorie Dessert, we’d get… Wired. Field and Stream. Maybe even O! Exciting!

You know what? Don’t even wait for your doctor to institute this policy. Bring a magazine in, leave it on the table. Everyone will appreciate it.

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