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October 1st, 2004

Duh Debates

So, what’d you think of last night’s pseudo-debate?

Me, I went in not expecting much from either candidate, especially with all the absurd rules and requirements each party set forth. And, of course, I would have liked to see some third party candidates in there to help mix things up and make it seem less like a massive PR session.

But, I ended up coming away very impressed with Kerry’s performance. He was relaxed, firm in his delivery, and seemed very much at home behind a podium. Bush, on the other hand, exhibited many of the same qualities that have bothered me about his speeches in the past: he talks down at anyone who disagrees with him, he’s arrogant in his tone and word choice, and seemed to overall repeat meaningless phrases like “We’re doing a good job” and “It’s hard work” even more than usual. Granted, it’s well-known that I’m not the world’s biggest fan of the President, but I’m also not that big of a fan of Kerry, either. But in my eyes, he came away the clear “winner” (if there can be one in such a faux-debate) last night.

I’ll also point you towards the lone third party debate also held last night between the Libertarian and Green party candidates, who also provided rebuttals to the major debate. You can hear last night’s third-party debate over at Free Market News. Next week, a third party VP debate will be held with representatives from the Constitution, Libertarian, and Green parties. Nader’s running mate Peter Camejo will also be in attendance, not being the third party snob that Nader himself is.

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