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October 9th, 2004

Good Dish, Funny Name

In the course of sharing thoughts about childhood and family dinners with my wife, I mentioned a dish that my mom made. I loved this dish. It was my all-time favorite and, of course, no one could top my mom’s version of it. The dish?

“Breaded meat.”

Well that’s what it was called around my house, anyway. To the rest of the Czech and Bohemian world, it was called “breaded pork tenderloin.” When not ordering it in a restaurant, I still call it by the matter-of-fact name my mom gave it. I started thinking about other dishes, too. My wife’s mother makes a dinner called “chicken with gunky rice.” Gunky! But it’s quite good.

What about you? Surely there are some funny names for good homemade dishes out there.

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FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday October 9, 2004 -- 1:12:50 pm
I've never understood why our family calls the fruit salad known as "Ambrosia".."Heavenly Hash"...or for that matter, why is "Ambrosia" called "Ambrosia" in the first place?

My head asplode.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday October 9, 2004 -- 2:50:26 pm
My mom manages every foreign name she can, and in tribute to her the rest of us always refer to fajitas as "fruh-HEE-tuhs."

FROM: Monica
DATE: Saturday October 9, 2004 -- 3:48:24 pm
my dad used to make something with bread and eggs called "toad in a hole" I think it was an egg fried in the middle of a piece of bread that had a hole cut out. How an egg got to be a toad, I don't know.

FROM: Kate
DATE: Sunday October 10, 2004 -- 12:41:01 am
Reuben casserole in my house does not exist; it is instead called "Skunk meat casserole."

Rice Crispy treats somehow became "Crispy Critters."

DATE: Monday October 11, 2004 -- 12:20:19 pm
Toad in the Hole! This dish consisted of big hunks of kielbasa suspended in a souffle-like bread. And Texas Tommies, too - this was hotdogs wrapped in cheese & bacon. Yum!

FROM: MollyCule
DATE: Monday October 11, 2004 -- 8:39:43 pm
My father's favorite breakfast treat is something he calls "french toast cordon bleu" i.e. a grilled cheese sandwich (made with velveeta) cut into squares and topped with maple syrup. Not that I would consider that a good dish.

DATE: Tuesday October 12, 2004 -- 11:28:34 am
Hey, that's kind of like a ghetto version of the Monte Cristo sandwich, isn't it?

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Tuesday October 12, 2004 -- 1:51:51 pm
Ambrosia seems to get its name because someone thought it tasted like food for the gods. This is one of those 1950s dishes. You have to be of a certain age to like it, otherwise, you find it totally disgusting. I mean, fruit, Jell-o (tm) and marshmallow whip? It's an assemblage of fruit and ground cow hooves two ways. Blecchh!
Shit on a shingle is the all time classic name for creamed chipped beef on toast. I think the name came about during WWII and the infancy of the K-ration.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday October 12, 2004 -- 11:50:14 pm
Joesph: Weird thing is..I've always loved Ambrosia. Shit on a shingle, though? No way.

Good research. :)

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