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October 9th, 2004

Good Dish, Funny Name

In the course of sharing thoughts about childhood and family dinners with my wife, I mentioned a dish that my mom made. I loved this dish. It was my all-time favorite and, of course, no one could top my mom’s version of it. The dish?

“Breaded meat.”

Well that’s what it was called around my house, anyway. To the rest of the Czech and Bohemian world, it was called “breaded pork tenderloin.” When not ordering it in a restaurant, I still call it by the matter-of-fact name my mom gave it. I started thinking about other dishes, too. My wife’s mother makes a dinner called “chicken with gunky rice.” Gunky! But it’s quite good.

What about you? Surely there are some funny names for good homemade dishes out there.

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