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October 20th, 2004

Express Lane Abuse

So last night a quick trip to the grocery store was required. My wife and I traversed the aisles, found what we needed, and headed up to the lines… which were a bit long for the hour of night we were there. No matter – the express lane looked shortest, and it was. We got in line and waited.

A few moments later, Jeani shot me a look – one that said, “What is up with that?” I then noticed that the fellow in front of us, in the 15-item limit express lane, had about 50 items. (Okay, probably more like 25-30.)

I am genuinely curious: what’s the thought process that goes through that guy’s head? I think it goes something like this.

“Gee, I’ve got a lot of stuff. I’m late for that important event in my life! What am I going to do? The lines… shit, look at the lines. They’re long. Ah! The express lane! 15 items or less? Who cares. There’s just one woman in line, and she’s buying spaghetti and dog food. Nothing more. I’ll be in and out in a flash.”

And then, everything falls apart. I dislike it when people abuse express lanes. Stop it.

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