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October 21st, 2004

Hated by All

And you thought the trolls on the Ping were bad…

At work over the last few months, I’ve occasionally received a series of IMs from a Vietnamese person when I haven’t been at my computer. I’d arrive in the morning and find long messages from this person, all in Vietnamese. Then, last week, the person actually caught me when I was at my desk. I tried to explain that I don’t speak Vietnamese, but apparently, he doesn’t speak English.

So, I sent the chat log to my mother-in-law and asked her to translate it, to find out just what this guy was saying to me. Below is the translation she sent back. Any lines in italics are my responses back to this person. Apparently, I’m causing a riff between two friends. Oops.

Sat. Jun 12

22:21- I am here

22:22- can we chat

22:23- hurry up I don’t have time

22:30- (cursing -mat day means not an educated person) DON’T WANT TO CHAT WITH YOUR FRIEND?

22:30- where are you right now?

22:45- YOU DON’T RECOGNIZE NGOC? (cursing – I don’t know how to translate do toi-like a badperson)

23:29- are you busy? why don’t you chat with me?you don’t remember NGOC ? I am sodisappointed. I have to go because I am busy working.

Fri Jul 30

22:51- Ngoc is here

22:51- I am in BinhDuong.How are you

22:52 -what are you doing?


23:41- (cursing- thang mat day means not an educated person) I am leaving- (cursing- me maymeans your mother)

05:18- I am here

05:18- (cursing- thang cho means doggy)

Sun Aug 22

02:50- (cursing- me may means your mother)

wed Sep 01

07:25- dead doggy-(Vietnamese cursing)

07:25- I am leaving-

Fri Oct 15

10:10- hello

10:10- hi… who are you?

10:11- where are you now?

10:11- sorry — i don’t speak vietnamese… except for a few words here and there.

10:12- your mother (cursing)

10:13- I left message for you, why don’t you leave me message?

10:13- I don’t understand these words. They don’t make any sense.

10:13- (cursing- me kiep “means as your mother”)- you don’t know who I am?

10:13 – (cursing)- a bad friend

10;14- you are at home?right?

10:14- When do you go to work?

10:15- good bye-

10:15 – Again — I don’t speak Vietnamese. Sorry.

10:15- I am waiting so long

10:15- sorry-your mother (I think he thought that you are one of his friends named Khang)

10:27 – you meet friend but did not use Vietnamese language with friend is worthless

10:27- you make me feeling sad

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