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October 30th, 2004


A few days ago I was browsing Google’s rarely-visited “More” page, and noticed a new icon for something called Keyhole. Curious, I followed the link to their site.

Keyhole is a neat application which uses satellite imagery to let you interact with the world. Well, North America at least. So here’s how it works: you enter a point of interest and/or address, and the camera flies in from outer space all the way to your destination! The level of detail is stellar in metropolitan areas – you can pick out every building and car on the road. But the nifty thing about Keyhole is that it can render this in 3D, so you can tilt the entire camera. For instance, last night my wife and I were looking at a city she grew up in, in Colorado. By turning on the 3D feature, boom, we could see the mountains in relation to the town below.

You can give Keyhole a spin for 7 days free, and I highly recommend it. Sadly it’s Windows only, but it’s pretty kickass. Would I pay for it? Naaah. It’s still too much of a toy for me. The technology is pretty amazing, and a little scary, though.

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