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November 10th, 2004

WiFi is Quite Fine

I’m convinced: WiFi is the Way It Should Be.

Our current apartment is, uh, unique when it comes to phone jacks. Given that we have DSL, I needed to hook up the modem to a phone jack so I chose the most logical working jack: the one in our pantry. (We have two in our walk-in closet, but neither one works.) So the modem was set, but what about a router?

Thankfully, Fry’s came to the rescue with a free (after rebate) router from Belkin that does the job just fine. I’ve got to say that not having to run wires all over the place is fantastic. My computer is in our office (surprise,) but I would have still needed a silly-long network cable for it. And Jeani’s laptop, of course, largely lives without wires.

But the side benefit is this, which I learned yesterday. There’s a brand new coffee shop in our building, and Jeani stopped by recently with her laptop. She checked the available WiFi networks and, sure enough, ours was available! Amazing – two floors down from the little router in our pantry.

I like me some WiFi.

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